Some Velvet Morning-A Wedding, part 1

Our long time friends Gillian and Wayne got married yesterday!
The theme was Country and Western, and it was splendid to see it embraced by one and all.
We had a hootenany of a good time!

They live out in the country, and the whole farm was done up to the nines.
This dear old truck was part of the property when Gill originally bought the place 12 or so years ago, and we've always been blithering about using it for a little photoshoot......

I wore:
Frock-70's squaredance frock, from Retropolitan
Crinoline-Etc Vintage
50's/60's cocktail headpiece-Wildfell Hall Vintage
Boots-retail, about 20 years ago
Sunglasses-Wasteland, San Francisco
So Obviously Rex handbag-gift from the sweetest Squirrel
Necklaces-San Francisco, London/Nevada (the cameo was from London and the setting was from Nevada) and a market
Earrings-Selcuk, Turkey

G wore:
Replica top hat-a Retropolitan sale
Vintage waistcoat-opshopped, I think
60's dinner shirt-opshopped
Pants-made by moi
70's Belt-I think this was a gift?!
Sunglasses-no idea

The car was featured in Gillian's film Snakeskin .
We had a riot taking drunken pix in it later.
Gill went for a Steampunk cowgirl theme, and looked spectacular!

I helped dress the tables, so of course absconded with this darling burro for our table....I really, really want to steal it......!!!
Gill's had it for years.
Goes well with her general obsession with all things Western!

Catching a quick snog with our Ralph.....

The festivities got rather rampant, satrting with the shot of tequila that was part of the deal for my signing the wedding papers as one of the witnesses...and it all went downhill from be continued!