Your lips might be sweet, such that I can't compete

I was channeling more than a little bit of the sexacious Desiree when we went out to see Devilskin on Friday night....
What is it about a lurid lurex, leopard and faux fur that makes me want to dry hump everything in sight?!
Luckily G was on hand to keep me from being arrested.

Frock-60's, theatre sale
Handbag-So Obviously Rex, was G's Mama's (she got it for her 21st birthday!)
Shoes-L*A*M*B, opshopped
Necklaces-San Francisco/Mexico/London at different times
Cuffs-the wide one was from Vix, the other I can't remember, and the bracelet was from a church in Mexico.

The band was pretty good as far as metal goes; it's the chick lead singer who makes them rather special.
Feck me, that girl has got pipes!
 She also frocks up in saucy vintage/burlesque style.
What's not to like?!

Wolver G rocked it up in an Iron Maiden T, jacket made by moi and tight, tight red pants.
You can tell we did a fair bit of pre-loading before we went out......!