Longing to touch all the places we know we can hide

I find myself most disgruntled with the lack of basic, old fashioned manners regularly exhibited by my fellow Christchurch dwellers.
Most notably by those who ought to know better-those older than I.
G and I were abused when cycling home yesterday, by an elderly man who walked out in front of G to open his car door.
G stopped, so he wouldn't hit him, whereupon the man rudely told him to watch where he was going.
G's reply was " I am. That's why I stopped."
Then we received quite the torrent of abuse!
I'm shocked and disgusted!
I'd expect that from a teenager, or someone in their early 20's, but a man in his 60's/70's?!
Shame, shame, shame!
On the bright side, I was chatted up by a younger than I man this afternoon.
Most gratifying.
There is hope for the human race!

Frock-theatre sale
Jacket-70's, opshopped and altered by moi
Belt-thrifted in the States
Crinoline (not seen)-Etc (vintage shop)
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Necklaces-G, Krista (the slightly hidden star one) and Vix

I had to buy a new bottle of gin this afternoon.
Isn't that terrible?!
I'd happily espouse the delights of this label, if only they would send me crates of it for free.
Hands up if you're a gin whore like me?!

I also popped into a couple of opshops on the way home today, and was happy to find a pair of funky green frocks, the one of the right is 70's, and the one on the left I think might be early 80's doing 50's.
Leisa will be most amused, green freak that she is!
That was it for scores, though!

My darling baby Miss PeePee is such a loving little critter.
She loves to plop onto her back and show you her furry little girth tummy by way of greeting.
I'm looking forward to her plumping up and being extra snuggly this Winter!

Happy farking Friday, darlings!