Ride through the night, crazed motorcycle

This is the Barrytown Hall in all it's splendour!
I was like, "that's the hall?! Really?!"

This is the backpackers across the road, where we stayed.

G felt the occasion was right to wear his Lee pantsuit, which he found in a Santa Fe Goodwill, in seperate locations, with the original tags still attached.........!

That 30's couch, on the left, was literally crumbling before my eyes.
There were the two single seaters too.

Ha, Nix' zebra boots would have been perfect in our Greymouth zebra themed room!

This is our talented mate, Darren, warming the "crowd" up.

Followed by Hill Dweller, I think they're called?
Not sure, but they created an amazing soundscape.

Nix and G bopping about.
The "crowd" consisted of about 10 people all up.
No dog, which is surprising for the Coast, but we did have the drunken village idiot!

Time for us to whip the "crowd" into a frenzy!

I love the flare in this one!

It was a bloody good night, we had a ball and were happy with how we played!
I don't think it's the smallest crowd we've played to so far.........!!!

So there you have it, the conclusion of our West Coast trip.