Myriad lights- they said I'd be impressed

I flounced off to dinner with G the other night in this sweet little fifties frock from Lulaverse !
We stuffed our faces with Thai...o, bless the Thai's for such deliciousness!

Jacket-70's, from a  co-worker
Shoes-Trade Me
Bow-made it myself with a scrap of old lemony velvet
Necklace-G bought it for me in Laos many years ago!
Handbag-60's, from a Wellington friend
Petticoat, barely seen-opshopped

O, goodness!
Here's my arse in my spunky birthday knickers from my favourite Indian Princess, Vix!
Get a squeeze of it, will ya love?!

Having a good snort. Not sure why.
Probably just excited about the Thai to come....not to mention the red wine I had already been imbibing.....

G doing his best saucy look in his antique military jacket from The Vintage Cupboard and New York Dolls tee from Cousin Phil, I think!