The calm before the hunter kill

I had a lady date with darling gorgeous Daisy on Thursday after work.
We're making it our mission to try out the plethora of new bars that have sprung up on Victoria St in the city...this time we met up at Mexicanos, where we had some fecking delicious margaritas.
Some?! Ok, quite a few.
Someone has to do it.
I rolled gently home at about 8pm.........and suffered sadly on Friday!

I wore:
Frock-50's, from Madame Butterfly's a few years ago
Jacket (altered), bow and sunglasses-from my divoon sistercousinwifey Sarah
(47 sleeps until Helgastock 2014!!!)
Shoes-Trade Me
70's vinyltastic work bag-opshopped
Orange beads and earrings-from the sexaciosu Desiree
Red beads-opshopped, key charm addition by moi from Turkey

I had a few missions on Friday, including some opshopping, which my hangover did not interfere too much with!
I was rather pleased to score a 70's pot, a chunky pottery bowl, a Dutch looking 70's handbag, a few sewing bits, a single set of 70's sheets and a Queenie Coronation album!!

Sadly, I didn't properly capture what I was wearing........I was fecking hot and bothered and in desperate need of paracetamol when I got home and simply wanted to rip it all off and have a cold shower!

I did happen to capture what I was wearing last Saturday for a Mexican themed dinner party with our friends Liz and Ely, however!

Frock-made by moi years ago
Mini sombrero-somewhere in Mexico

Liz' outfit entirely opshopped!

Our feast!!!
It was huge. And scrumptious.

That was a bit of a mixed bag for you!
I'm in a sharing mood.....