Au Revoir

I'll drink to that!
If anyone reads this blither,I'm off for 5 weeks to Thailand.

And so Tuesday comes around

Took G's Mum to see "Julie and Julia".It was lovely!Loved Meryl,she was marvellous.Now all I want to do is cook.
3 days of work to get through until we leave on friday for pastures hot and steamy.Hurrah!
Reading for my holiday:
"Juggling"Barbara Trapido
"The Visitation"Sue Reidy
"Mildred Pierce"James M Cain
"The View From Castle Rock"Alice Munro
"The Buccaneers"Edith Wharton
"Big Sur & The Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch"Henry Miller
A variety of random pickings to keep me amused.I have read"The Buccaneers"before,years ago,but fancy reading it again.
I also have a bunch of magazines,also various.I am lucky in that I can,and will,read almost anything.I just love to read.......


This is my last week at work for a while-G and I are off to Thailand for 5 weeks on Friday!Yay!
Thai food rocks my world,and I will indulge myself,as usual,to the extreme.
This will be the 6th time,I think,that we have been to thailand.We will be meeting up with our wonderful American friends for some fun times.Travelling initially in the North West,we will end up on the beach,with a whole lot of eating,drinking and shopping inbetween.
O joy!

Linda Blair should have won an Oscar.

Yes! I ended up watching "The Exorcist" last night, after a botched attempt with my mate Gill to go and see "An Education" (we were late after having trouble finding a park, then forgot that The Academy doesn't take eftpos). Haven't seen it in years. Great fun. Reminded me of other great old horrors, like "Evil Dead"- or was that a comedy?! And ickies like "Without Warning" and "Kingdom of the Spiders"Ew. I once worked school holidays in a video/record store in Cootamundra, when I was 14 or 15, and my boss would play horrors every day- I'm not great with scary movies, and I'm sure some of the shockers he played are to blame for my nerves!Ugh- there was a horrible George Romero one- I think- where a priest kills himself and opens up the gates of hell, and somewhere in it a girl throws up her entire insides..........ew ew ew!

Style Icon:Mildred Roper

She is awesome.
Those teeth!That crimplene!That hair!That show was fabulous!
I wish I could steal her wardrobe.............

A Favoured Place....... my bookcase!
The baskets up top hold handbags and some material that I haven't room for elsewhere....

The Divine Ms Loren

I love Sophia,having had a heavy dose of Sophia films courtesy of my Mum whilst growing up.
I love this pic for 3 reasons-
1:Look at her! She is the epitome of Mediterranean sultriness!
2:Pretty frock.
3:I'm sure that is armpit hair!!! I think that is fantastic!

I couldn't think of a good enough excuse not to come to work.

And I tried really hard. Short of deliberately injuring myself, there is no out.
*Pic from outside our cabin in Dunedin. I forgot to post it, thought I may as well as I am a bit blurry this morning and not terribly inspired. You can tell by how rugged up I am how cold it was!


Yes,I am rather fond of pink......sometimes I just HAVE to overindulge,and so yesterday afternoon I did.
Had a lovely night with J and M-the pics are really all about ME,and an aside of the lovely J and M and baby on board.

I love long weekends.....

We had a public holiday here in Canterbury yesterday.Show Day.I love public holidays.We really must have more of them.Who the hell thought up this working 5 days/having 2 off lark?!They need a good slapping.
We babysat our neice and nephew on Thurs nite.They are 9 and 11 respectively.We indulged them with spare ribs,icecream and chocolate,and let them play play station as long as they liked.That is what is the best fun about being Auntie & Uncle.We CAN indulge them.They may be little horrors at home from time to time,but they always behave for us because they know that as long as they do,they can continue to come and stay with us and have a great time on a regular basis.In the morning,they got themselves up and hit the playstation again,then it was a big bacon/egg/hash brown breakfast followed by icecream.Then the little miss and I created a masterpiece of paint,glitter,rubber stamps and stickers for her room.
Phew-I was feeling pretty jaded though,by the time G took them home,then he picked up our lovely friend R,who flew down from Wellington for our friend G's 40th birthday celebrations.Off we all went to Loburn,just north of Rangiora to stay the night at her and her partners farm.Her partner,W,created the most amazing melon margaritas and we played a pile of old vinyl,reminiscing about the good old days,and singing along with Siouxsie and the Banshees,Simple Minds,Gary Numan,Soft Cell,and goodness knows what else......I think I staggered off to bed around 12:30pm(that's LATE for me!)and G and I had a fab sleep in our Kombi,waking up to feel marvellous!!Wish I could say the same for W!!He was decidedly worse for wear,and it didn't help that their youngest child was trying to get them up at around 6am.....hurrah for being childless at a time like that!If Boris tried to wake us up that early,we'd just throw him out!It was a great night.
Tonight will be a quiet one,with a lovely couple coming for dinner and a DVD-I think I'll try and get the latest Star Trek one out.I'm not a trekkie,really,but do enjoy it from time to time.I was thinking I might resist the alcohol and support our pregnant friend,but stuff it,it's only Saturday,and the allure of vodka is far too strong for me.She'll just have to go it alone!!Well,she would go and get knocked up!
*The pic is an old one,from when G and I went to Thailand/Cambodia about 4 years ago.I was just having a scoot through G's photo file,and thought that one would do nicely.Can't have a post without a visual!

Edy Williams-HOT! HOT! HOT!

Who else could utter the immortal lines "You're a groovy guy, I'd like to strap you on sometime!"??!!
Edy is one hot tamale.Part of what I like about her is that she reminds me of my earliest remembered style icon, a woman by the name of Fay. When I was a kid, my mother had a friend called Lois, who lived in a block of flats in Marrickville, Sydney.
Fay lived in a downstairs flat, and had long,henna-red hair, and I just thought she was fabulous.I 
 would have been really young; this was early 70's.
Edy was once married to Russ Meyer, who said that although she didn't have particulaly big tits, she was a great girl.
She is utterly sublime in "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls", which is one of my most favourite films ever.
I'll indulge myself at other times about this movie,so be warned.......
Incidentally,Lois had a chihuahua named Hose,who absolutely terrorised me.



.....was bloody windy and gave me a headache!!
Had a great drive down though-I drove from Christchurch to Ashburton,then Timaru to Palmerston on the way down,Dunedin to Oamaru and then Ashburton to Christchurch on the way home.And I think I did really well!Got to the fastest I've ever been-120km/hr!! I had "Deathproof" flashing in my mind like a warning beacon,but it was quite exilarating!LOL!

Finished the Zelda Fitzgerald bio,and it make me sooo angry at Scott.What a wanker!She had so much promise,and he just beat her down,from what I can tell,out of sheer jealousy.What a pig! I got drunk and raved about it for a while on Saturday afternoon,but I still feel cross.
So now I am going to read "The Memoirs of an Erotic Bookseller",which seems to be by "Armand Coppens,assisted by his tired wife Clementine and her distant lover".How can I fail with a title like that?!Published in 1969,I found it at a church book sale.Where else?!Am looking forward to it!.Might save it for tonight when I go to bed,in case it is really stimulating.........

*That is the former Dunedin Railway Station.


Just a couple of shots from my sewing/dressing room.
*I had a disturbing dream last night where I was impregnated by a vampire whose seed burned,and when discussing it with a friend,she said that vampire babies claw their way out........ugh.It was dreadful.Some time later I was awoken by Boris yowling in the foyer-making for an even more eerie atmosphere.Spooky possums!!

Floral Frolics

Further to yesterday's Queenie musings,G and I were speculating that perhaps the Royal Badger is trimmed in the shape of a crown??!! LOL!!
*Secondhand dress,altered by me,with burgundy vintage tutu underneath(not really visible),secondhand cardi,shoes and ripped pink fishnets.

Queenie,how delightful you are!

I did a bit of op- shopping the other day, didn't find very much, just a couple of basic things like a scarf and a beanie for next winter, and a crazy 70's ashtray I am going to give to a friend. But I did find a book about the coronation of Elizabeth II, with great cheesey pics, and best of all, an actual black & white photo of her that someone may have used as a bookmark, in a wonderful evening gown. I was quite excited, as I have a weird fascination for Monarchy in general, particularly the British Monarchy. No idea why, but it makes for fun battles with a very anti monarchy English friend. I don't collect anything to do with it, but must say I am tempted by some of the tacky tat that is available....I have only a black & white pin of the 2 princesses when they were young, which I made into a rosette. I rather like the Queen, and would love to have her over for a cosy chat.
This coming weekend we are going down to Dunedin for a bonfire party. Haven't been to Dunedin for ages-not one of my favourite places. When I first moved to NZ, I lived there for 10 months before moving to Christchurch. Coming from Sydney, it was a cold and hilly shock-I don't like to be surrounded by hills, and Dunedin is kind of deep in a bowl, surrounded by hills and just seething with damp and mildew!! But, for those who live there, there is nowhere they would rather be! Ugh. It is all I can do to make the effort to visit our friends there!
So, I am looking forward to a good drive, and we have booked a cabin in a campground at St Kilda, which will be very pleasant. A road trip/dirty weekend coming right up!

Tool My Leather

I'm quite excited about this handbag-G found it about 2 years ago for a whole $1 in an obscure op shop;it had a broken strap,and I stuck it in the "to be fixed"pile and promptly forgot about it.....and then found it a couple of weeks ago,had it fixed,and discovered how jolly fab it is!! I do like my leather tooled,and this is sooo cool,as it is an Aztec design,and as I finally realised my dream of going to Mexico last year,I love it so much more!
So,the Siouxsie album was awesome-better than I expected,a bit Rammstein-ish in places,and generally quite modern and her voice is as amazing as ever!I got quietly drunk and sat in front of the speakers for a while,replaying fab bits until a friend turned up for a dinner/trash tv evening.
I did end up thrashing some Banshees albums,in particular,"A Kiss In the Dreamhouse" and "Tinderbox",2 of my faves.Gonna get G to put these on his MP3 player for when we go to Thailand at the end of November.Perfect music for tropical weather..........and as for the trash tv-she made G and I watch America's Next Top Model!!!It is ONLY because she is pregnant that I allowed this.I normally would not tolerate such garbage in my house!!!(LOL)Then I subjected her to "To the Manor Bowen",only to find that she has a long term crush on Lawrence,so no revenge there!!!
Now,I am really NOT enjoying "The Book of Dave".Not at all.It's just too bloody annoying,esp the language in the future bits,as I am a speed reader,and it just gets in my way!!I'm going to chuck it and get into the Zelda Fitzgerald bio,dammit.Then I have to go to the secondhand book shop and stock up.

Sioux Divine!

I really f-ing loved Siouxsie Sioux in my goth days,and still do.I just managed to find a copy of her solo album "Mantaray"siouxsiemantaray on Trade Me,and received it in the mail yesterday.I didn't get a chance to listen to it last night,as I had a friend over,but plan to swing it tonight! I have NO idea what it will be like,but am very excited,cos Siouxsie is soooo fabulous.I always loved her style,even when she was a punk,but she rocked most when she started indulging in her love of the 20's,and was dressing and doing her makeup in that style.
Yes,I copied her look a lot-and was stoked to receive the comment that I was the best Siouxsie lookalike they'd seen from a girl at The Mission concert in Auckland in 1990-but I meant it in the most flattering way.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,as they say.I don't think Siouxsie ever saw it that way,though.I think I read an ascerbic comment from her along those lines at some point.I still like to do a version of the makeup from time to time,in a more colourful way-so I was thrilled to see that on the cover of "Mantaray" she has kept the look but updated it with colour!!Ooooo-I think I will be having a Siouxsie & The Banshees cd thrashing this weekend!!!

A Weekend drenched In Vodka

We had a long weekend here,and the weather was divine,thank goodness.The vodka flowed,we made music,ate yummy food,I sewed and read and generally chilled out.I'm ready for another weekend now!

Bother Barry!

Well, I just couldn't finish "Barry Lyndon".
Sorry,Mr Thackery, it just wasn't my bag.
Shall pass it to G, I think he will get far more out of it.
So, I finished "The Last Flapper", at least. Too much dialogue for my liking, but sort of interesting. A fictional take on Zelda Fitzgerald's life, that wasn't very well written. I far more enjoyed "Bobbed hair & Bathtub Gin", in which her story was woven around other luminaries such as Dorothy Parker.
THAT was a great book.
I went to the library to do my favourite thing-wander around the shelves and just pick random books that look interesting, then have G pick me and my enormous pile of books up. Amongst them is a bio on Zelda Fitzgerald, but first up I am reading some memoirs by Marc Almond, the tainted sex dwarf of eighties synth band Soft Cell.
So far, so good.

By the way, I have a girl crush on the divine Amelia of vintagevivant.
She is fabulously stylish and is such a wonderful modern flapper!

*Altered (by me)70's frock, cardi from Valley Girl, previously mentioned blue plasticy shoes and pink fishnets from Ballantynes.

Got the Blahs

Work.Ugh.I feel traumatised by the sheer effort of getting up and having to spend my day in an office,slogging it out to earn a crust,then feel too knackered to enjoy spending it.Meep.
I tried to improve my lot by jazzing up my work wardrobe with a little plaid cardi,which does not translate well due to my poor quality camera.Ooo,that's a bonus,we will be buying a new camera this weekend!At last!I feel better already!

Cactus Kisses

The bottom pic shows a fab home made frock I found in an op shop,with secondhand cardi.This is what I wore to take the Little Miss shopping.

The top 2 pics show what I wore on Sunday,a wonderful secondhand coat that G bought me,a secondhand frock,altered by me,with secondhand cardi,new shoes & tights from not sure where.

Say hello to our awesome cacti!! We planted the biggest one in October 2000,not long after we moved into our house,on the day my father passed away-I guess it is a memorial garden to him.That big cactus has the most amazing huge,creamy,vanilla scented flowers each year that start off looking like alien pods!!We also have a big cacti patch in the backyard.They are G's passion!And I am happy to indulge him,as anything Mexicana is fine by me!

Style Icon-Pam Grier

Pam Grier-ass kicking supervixen.How is it that she and Russ Meyer never worked together??They would have been a great team.One of my favourite things about Pam is that she once said she approached every movie like it was Shakespeare-now THAT is integrity!
I own an afro wig,and I love to conjure the Pam spirit from time to time with it.She is the BOMB!

In Appreciation Of.......

This is G.
He's my rock.
We've been together for more than 17 years and I love him more each day.I'm very lucky to have him!
Anyhow,Saturday started out wet and bitterly cold.I took my neice out shopping for her 9th birthday.The little Miss and I had a great time,and she came home with a lot of fun loot.
After I dropped her off and we all had icecream,the brother in law & did a little shopping before going back to our house so he & G could have a jam,and who did I spy buying art supplies?The lovely Andrea of acatofimpossiblecolour That is one cute girl,and I bet she has as lovely a personality as she looks,only I was too embarrassed to introduce myself! O well.

Fabulous Fifties

I do love the fifties fashion, I really do, but had never thought the style would suit me. 
Then I found this pretty at Madame Butterfly' was true love at first sight,AND she fit me perfectly!
AND she suits me!

Now I want more,more ,more..........I guess I better start sewing,as they are not easy to come across in this part of the world. And if you do, the prices are steep.

In this pic, I am wearing her with an op-shop cardi, 70's tooled leather handbag ; modern T-bars.

*I'm not sure why I am referring to this frock as "she" and "her". Must be the infuence of that lovely novel, "Fabulous Nobodies" by Lee Tulloch-a terrific, frivolous frock romp............a must read! I re-read it at least once a year, and Reality Tuttle is one of my favourite fictional characters ever!

Mucha delite!

How lucky I am! I was given this fantastic 70's chiffon,pussy bow,Mucha print shirt a few years ago,but then promptly forgot about it! I dug it out of a box recently,and have thrashed it ever since!I just love it!It goes quite well with this red halter neck frock I made,esp paired with orange fishnets and red heels from a Blenheim op shop.Mucha is one of my favourite artists,so this was a real score.
So,last night we watched "let the Right One In",and it was utterly compelling.One of the best movies I've seen in ages!We were gripped.I realised I had never heard the Swedish language spoken before,and that was equally as fascinating as the movie!(I have a thing for hearing foreign language,and an odd theory that if I hear it enough I'll suddenly understand it,like learning by osmosis.Odd,I know.)
Which reminded me,I saw "The Beat My Heart Skipped" last week,and loved that too.European films really appeal to me,they have such subtlety,depth and are able to deal with the simplest of daily experience with more meaning and significance.I have no gift for words,unfortunately,and probably make no sense.Just know that I like Eurpopean films!

Perusing the Pittosporum

So,finally finished my re-read of "Ines of my Soul".I love Isabel Allende,and thoroughly enjoy her style of writing,but somehow the magic was isn't in this one.Possibly because the subject matter upsets me greatly;I can never quite deal with what happened hundreds of years ago in South America,not sure why,but I can never think of it without sadness for the loss of culture.Conversely,I adore the Latin American culture,the music,the energy,the gorgeous ethnically mixed people.
So,I must push myself to finish "Barry Lyndon".It isn't grabbing me like "Vanity Fair";I guess it is hard to compete with a sparkling character like Becky Sharp!It also seems more of a man's novel,more in line with my man's taste in novels.I do love the language in these old novels-how beautifully they insult each other,without slang and with absolute style.the best example of that is when Elizabeth Bennett deals with Darcy's Aunt in "Pride & Prejudice".If only we could speak so well today!Once I finish "Barry Lyndon",I will read "The Book of Dave",and hopefully that is as interesting as the blurb on the back makes out.
Anyhow,green is the theme here,secondhand altered dress,cardi & petticoat,tights off Trade Me,shoes from Hannahs.I'm quite impressed with Hannahs offerings this year;they have really improved their game.The basket is from some Indonesian outlet shop,and I glued some flowers on it for some zing.

Oh,Mr DARCY!!!

Colin Firth-mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Like a fine wine,he just keeps getting more delicious!

We enjoyed "Easy Virtue" last night,a jolly good romp,with one of my perennial favourites,Kristin Scott Thomas,the delightful Mr Firth,and a rather cute chihuahua.I was surprised by Jessica Biel,she was actually rather good.

Fabulous setting,costumes,script-as soon as I heard about this film,I knew it would be just the kind of movie G and I love.

Style icon-Mrs Slocombe

Fantastic hair? Check.
Awesome frills? Check.
Supercilious expression? Check.
I aspire to be this fabulous when I am older.I too shall prance around,loudly boring everyone in hearing with the exploits of my pussy.
It must be time for another "Are You Being Served?" Omnibus weekend on Sky.Surely.

PINK doesn't STINK!

Yes,indeed,I am a girly girl who LOVES pink.Funny,I loathed it for years,but now I have found it,I shall never let go!The boots were a local Salvation Army score,the dress and cardigan were secondhand,the basket from The Warehouse-sometimes that place can be a winner-and can't remember where the tights came from.
I can't think of any traumatic reasons as to why I found pink distasteful-I couldn't bear turquoise for years as my high school uniform was that colour(oddly,very similar to one of Poppet's dresses,which terrifies me a little)but Carolyn Quartermaine cured me of my turquoise fear with a wonderful pic in her Unwrapped book.Actually,that book has been a huge colour inspiration to me.
Colour is such a big part of my life now,our house is all colours of the rainbow.Not bad for a girl who spent the late 80's/early 90's as a Goth...........surprise!

Those shoes!I must have those shoes!!!

Mmm,was thinking that I haven't had new(well,new to me,as I buy second hand a lot)shoes for at least 2/3 weeks!That is SHOCKING!I have spotted some multi coloured metallic numbers that would be ever so versatile......I honestly must have over 50 pairs,excluding man says I have too many,but I say I just don't have enough room!!!(Even though he custom built shelves specifically.Whoops.)
Today I am wearing blue shoes,a bit plastic,but a lovely shade of blue.Not sure where I got them from.But they were new..which brings me to....second hand references-I go op-shopping,not thrifting.I just can't get used to the word,and have been op-shopping for over 20 years,so do forgive me for finding it difficult to take on the American-ism.So when I refer to second hand or op-shop,I mean thrifted.It is one of my favourite pastimes,however.I just don't get to do it as often as I would like,due to holding down a full-time job.
The dress,cardigan and petticoat are secondhand,the tights are from Sydney,the necklace is a cameo from Greenwich Market,London in 1992,and the surround was from a secondhand store on the Nevada border in 1996!!!

"I'd rather drink ink!"

Watched "Mrs Henderson Presents" again last night-I have SUCH a girl crush on Judi Dench!!She is sooooo adorable,and for a woman of a certain age,just beautiful.Not to mention talented!This is a particularly lovely film,and her character is just wonderful,very crisp,doesn't mince words,is outrageous and rule challenging,yet tender-hearted and sensitive.I just love her reactions,like when Van Damm says she could lose 10,000 poundsI think she exclaims"how wonderful!",or something similar-she is such a risk taker,and I admire that,as I am not!Great costuming too-the chorus girls look super cute during the try-outs,and I love Judi's coats and jewellry,and her hair is gorgeous.Judi is also fantastic in "The Last of the Blonde Bombshells",yet another fabulously frocked film......I wonder who the costume designer is for that movie-must have a look."It was Sandy Powell who did the costumes for "Mrs Henderson Presents";I love her work;she did "Velvet Goldmine" & "Orlando"amongst others,and has desevedly won at least 1 Oscar.