Those shoes!I must have those shoes!!!

Mmm,was thinking that I haven't had new(well,new to me,as I buy second hand a lot)shoes for at least 2/3 weeks!That is SHOCKING!I have spotted some multi coloured metallic numbers that would be ever so versatile......I honestly must have over 50 pairs,excluding man says I have too many,but I say I just don't have enough room!!!(Even though he custom built shelves specifically.Whoops.)
Today I am wearing blue shoes,a bit plastic,but a lovely shade of blue.Not sure where I got them from.But they were new..which brings me to....second hand references-I go op-shopping,not thrifting.I just can't get used to the word,and have been op-shopping for over 20 years,so do forgive me for finding it difficult to take on the American-ism.So when I refer to second hand or op-shop,I mean thrifted.It is one of my favourite pastimes,however.I just don't get to do it as often as I would like,due to holding down a full-time job.
The dress,cardigan and petticoat are secondhand,the tights are from Sydney,the necklace is a cameo from Greenwich Market,London in 1992,and the surround was from a secondhand store on the Nevada border in 1996!!!

"I'd rather drink ink!"

Watched "Mrs Henderson Presents" again last night-I have SUCH a girl crush on Judi Dench!!She is sooooo adorable,and for a woman of a certain age,just beautiful.Not to mention talented!This is a particularly lovely film,and her character is just wonderful,very crisp,doesn't mince words,is outrageous and rule challenging,yet tender-hearted and sensitive.I just love her reactions,like when Van Damm says she could lose 10,000 poundsI think she exclaims"how wonderful!",or something similar-she is such a risk taker,and I admire that,as I am not!Great costuming too-the chorus girls look super cute during the try-outs,and I love Judi's coats and jewellry,and her hair is gorgeous.Judi is also fantastic in "The Last of the Blonde Bombshells",yet another fabulously frocked film......I wonder who the costume designer is for that movie-must have a look."It was Sandy Powell who did the costumes for "Mrs Henderson Presents";I love her work;she did "Velvet Goldmine" & "Orlando"amongst others,and has desevedly won at least 1 Oscar.


....was rather good fun.The drive up was challenging,I drove as far as Greta Valley in driving rain,then asked my man to take over,as it was getting dark and I was getting a bit scared.Saturday was fantastic though!Our friends have a huge window looking onto the mountains,and it came up sunny and bright so that we had a fabulous view.Which was extra good,as we'd taken a Scots friends 20yr old brother with us for his first visit.He has been in the country only 1 month.Had a fantastic walk around the coast,saw lots of seals,got thoroughly trashed Sat nite after I cooked a Malaysian Rendang for dinner and cruised home Sunday,me driving as far as Cheviot.

Re-reading "Ines of my Soul",was lent "The Book of Dave",which I will read next.Looks interesting.....then I must finish a few I have started and put aside-"Barry Lyndon"and "The Last Flapper"-sometimes I just can't settle into a book,and have to have a break.
Listening to some old U2.
Watched an episode of "To the Manor Bowen"last night-most amusing.Lawrence is quite the charming buffoon.


Well,here I am!Should anyone find me,I am pleased to meet you!

Oddly,I am very private by nature,so WHY I am putting myself out here,I do not exactly know...........hmmmmmmmmmm,we'll just see how it goes!I hope I don't regret it!!
I will probably just be ranting about life in general,and posting crazy outfits,trying to make myself sound more fabulous than I really stay tuned!
Right now-it's very wet & cold as winter refuses to let go just yet,and I will be driving part of the way to Kaikoura tonight after work.I have been driving for 9 months,and am still astonished at how much I enjoy it!
I am wearing a new-to me-blue foral 70's frock that I found at the wonderful Madame Butterfly's on Stanmore Rd,the socks and cardigan are secondhand,turquoise flower in my hair was from the local pharmacy.............I look a bit stiff in that photo,I guess I'll get more comfortable with this posing lark!!