"I'd rather drink ink!"

Watched "Mrs Henderson Presents" again last night-I have SUCH a girl crush on Judi Dench!!She is sooooo adorable,and for a woman of a certain age,just beautiful.Not to mention talented!This is a particularly lovely film,and her character is just wonderful,very crisp,doesn't mince words,is outrageous and rule challenging,yet tender-hearted and sensitive.I just love her reactions,like when Van Damm says she could lose 10,000 poundsI think she exclaims"how wonderful!",or something similar-she is such a risk taker,and I admire that,as I am not!Great costuming too-the chorus girls look super cute during the try-outs,and I love Judi's coats and jewellry,and her hair is gorgeous.Judi is also fantastic in "The Last of the Blonde Bombshells",yet another fabulously frocked film......I wonder who the costume designer is for that movie-must have a look."It was Sandy Powell who did the costumes for "Mrs Henderson Presents";I love her work;she did "Velvet Goldmine" & "Orlando"amongst others,and has desevedly won at least 1 Oscar.

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