....was rather good fun.The drive up was challenging,I drove as far as Greta Valley in driving rain,then asked my man to take over,as it was getting dark and I was getting a bit scared.Saturday was fantastic though!Our friends have a huge window looking onto the mountains,and it came up sunny and bright so that we had a fabulous view.Which was extra good,as we'd taken a Scots friends 20yr old brother with us for his first visit.He has been in the country only 1 month.Had a fantastic walk around the coast,saw lots of seals,got thoroughly trashed Sat nite after I cooked a Malaysian Rendang for dinner and cruised home Sunday,me driving as far as Cheviot.

Re-reading "Ines of my Soul",was lent "The Book of Dave",which I will read next.Looks interesting.....then I must finish a few I have started and put aside-"Barry Lyndon"and "The Last Flapper"-sometimes I just can't settle into a book,and have to have a break.
Listening to some old U2.
Watched an episode of "To the Manor Bowen"last night-most amusing.Lawrence is quite the charming buffoon.

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