PINK doesn't STINK!

Yes,indeed,I am a girly girl who LOVES pink.Funny,I loathed it for years,but now I have found it,I shall never let go!The boots were a local Salvation Army score,the dress and cardigan were secondhand,the basket from The Warehouse-sometimes that place can be a winner-and can't remember where the tights came from.
I can't think of any traumatic reasons as to why I found pink distasteful-I couldn't bear turquoise for years as my high school uniform was that colour(oddly,very similar to one of Poppet's dresses,which terrifies me a little)but Carolyn Quartermaine cured me of my turquoise fear with a wonderful pic in her Unwrapped book.Actually,that book has been a huge colour inspiration to me.
Colour is such a big part of my life now,our house is all colours of the rainbow.Not bad for a girl who spent the late 80's/early 90's as a Goth...........surprise!

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