Those shoes!I must have those shoes!!!

Mmm,was thinking that I haven't had new(well,new to me,as I buy second hand a lot)shoes for at least 2/3 weeks!That is SHOCKING!I have spotted some multi coloured metallic numbers that would be ever so versatile......I honestly must have over 50 pairs,excluding man says I have too many,but I say I just don't have enough room!!!(Even though he custom built shelves specifically.Whoops.)
Today I am wearing blue shoes,a bit plastic,but a lovely shade of blue.Not sure where I got them from.But they were new..which brings me to....second hand references-I go op-shopping,not thrifting.I just can't get used to the word,and have been op-shopping for over 20 years,so do forgive me for finding it difficult to take on the American-ism.So when I refer to second hand or op-shop,I mean thrifted.It is one of my favourite pastimes,however.I just don't get to do it as often as I would like,due to holding down a full-time job.
The dress,cardigan and petticoat are secondhand,the tights are from Sydney,the necklace is a cameo from Greenwich Market,London in 1992,and the surround was from a secondhand store on the Nevada border in 1996!!!

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Miss Simmonds Says said...

how demure are you here?!