Bother Barry!

Well, I just couldn't finish "Barry Lyndon".
Sorry,Mr Thackery, it just wasn't my bag.
Shall pass it to G, I think he will get far more out of it.
So, I finished "The Last Flapper", at least. Too much dialogue for my liking, but sort of interesting. A fictional take on Zelda Fitzgerald's life, that wasn't very well written. I far more enjoyed "Bobbed hair & Bathtub Gin", in which her story was woven around other luminaries such as Dorothy Parker.
THAT was a great book.
I went to the library to do my favourite thing-wander around the shelves and just pick random books that look interesting, then have G pick me and my enormous pile of books up. Amongst them is a bio on Zelda Fitzgerald, but first up I am reading some memoirs by Marc Almond, the tainted sex dwarf of eighties synth band Soft Cell.
So far, so good.

By the way, I have a girl crush on the divine Amelia of vintagevivant.
She is fabulously stylish and is such a wonderful modern flapper!

*Altered (by me)70's frock, cardi from Valley Girl, previously mentioned blue plasticy shoes and pink fishnets from Ballantynes.

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