Fabulous Fifties

I do love the fifties fashion, I really do, but had never thought the style would suit me. 
Then I found this pretty at Madame Butterfly's....it was true love at first sight,AND she fit me perfectly!
AND she suits me!

Now I want more,more ,more..........I guess I better start sewing,as they are not easy to come across in this part of the world. And if you do, the prices are steep.

In this pic, I am wearing her with an op-shop cardi, 70's tooled leather handbag ; modern T-bars.

*I'm not sure why I am referring to this frock as "she" and "her". Must be the infuence of that lovely novel, "Fabulous Nobodies" by Lee Tulloch-a terrific, frivolous frock romp............a must read! I re-read it at least once a year, and Reality Tuttle is one of my favourite fictional characters ever!

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