Mucha delite!

How lucky I am! I was given this fantastic 70's chiffon,pussy bow,Mucha print shirt a few years ago,but then promptly forgot about it! I dug it out of a box recently,and have thrashed it ever since!I just love it!It goes quite well with this red halter neck frock I made,esp paired with orange fishnets and red heels from a Blenheim op shop.Mucha is one of my favourite artists,so this was a real score.
So,last night we watched "let the Right One In",and it was utterly compelling.One of the best movies I've seen in ages!We were gripped.I realised I had never heard the Swedish language spoken before,and that was equally as fascinating as the movie!(I have a thing for hearing foreign language,and an odd theory that if I hear it enough I'll suddenly understand it,like learning by osmosis.Odd,I know.)
Which reminded me,I saw "The Beat My Heart Skipped" last week,and loved that too.European films really appeal to me,they have such subtlety,depth and are able to deal with the simplest of daily experience with more meaning and significance.I have no gift for words,unfortunately,and probably make no sense.Just know that I like Eurpopean films!

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