Perusing the Pittosporum

So,finally finished my re-read of "Ines of my Soul".I love Isabel Allende,and thoroughly enjoy her style of writing,but somehow the magic was isn't in this one.Possibly because the subject matter upsets me greatly;I can never quite deal with what happened hundreds of years ago in South America,not sure why,but I can never think of it without sadness for the loss of culture.Conversely,I adore the Latin American culture,the music,the energy,the gorgeous ethnically mixed people.
So,I must push myself to finish "Barry Lyndon".It isn't grabbing me like "Vanity Fair";I guess it is hard to compete with a sparkling character like Becky Sharp!It also seems more of a man's novel,more in line with my man's taste in novels.I do love the language in these old novels-how beautifully they insult each other,without slang and with absolute style.the best example of that is when Elizabeth Bennett deals with Darcy's Aunt in "Pride & Prejudice".If only we could speak so well today!Once I finish "Barry Lyndon",I will read "The Book of Dave",and hopefully that is as interesting as the blurb on the back makes out.
Anyhow,green is the theme here,secondhand altered dress,cardi & petticoat,tights off Trade Me,shoes from Hannahs.I'm quite impressed with Hannahs offerings this year;they have really improved their game.The basket is from some Indonesian outlet shop,and I glued some flowers on it for some zing.

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