Cactus Kisses

The bottom pic shows a fab home made frock I found in an op shop,with secondhand cardi.This is what I wore to take the Little Miss shopping.

The top 2 pics show what I wore on Sunday,a wonderful secondhand coat that G bought me,a secondhand frock,altered by me,with secondhand cardi,new shoes & tights from not sure where.

Say hello to our awesome cacti!! We planted the biggest one in October 2000,not long after we moved into our house,on the day my father passed away-I guess it is a memorial garden to him.That big cactus has the most amazing huge,creamy,vanilla scented flowers each year that start off looking like alien pods!!We also have a big cacti patch in the backyard.They are G's passion!And I am happy to indulge him,as anything Mexicana is fine by me!

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