And so Tuesday comes around

Took G's Mum to see "Julie and Julia".It was lovely!Loved Meryl,she was marvellous.Now all I want to do is cook.
3 days of work to get through until we leave on friday for pastures hot and steamy.Hurrah!
Reading for my holiday:
"Juggling"Barbara Trapido
"The Visitation"Sue Reidy
"Mildred Pierce"James M Cain
"The View From Castle Rock"Alice Munro
"The Buccaneers"Edith Wharton
"Big Sur & The Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch"Henry Miller
A variety of random pickings to keep me amused.I have read"The Buccaneers"before,years ago,but fancy reading it again.
I also have a bunch of magazines,also various.I am lucky in that I can,and will,read almost anything.I just love to read.......

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Bug said...

Wow, that's a lot of books, you remind me of my boyfriend - he has a huge list also, lol. Love the dress, you look very cute!!