I love long weekends.....

We had a public holiday here in Canterbury yesterday.Show Day.I love public holidays.We really must have more of them.Who the hell thought up this working 5 days/having 2 off lark?!They need a good slapping.
We babysat our neice and nephew on Thurs nite.They are 9 and 11 respectively.We indulged them with spare ribs,icecream and chocolate,and let them play play station as long as they liked.That is what is the best fun about being Auntie & Uncle.We CAN indulge them.They may be little horrors at home from time to time,but they always behave for us because they know that as long as they do,they can continue to come and stay with us and have a great time on a regular basis.In the morning,they got themselves up and hit the playstation again,then it was a big bacon/egg/hash brown breakfast followed by icecream.Then the little miss and I created a masterpiece of paint,glitter,rubber stamps and stickers for her room.
Phew-I was feeling pretty jaded though,by the time G took them home,then he picked up our lovely friend R,who flew down from Wellington for our friend G's 40th birthday celebrations.Off we all went to Loburn,just north of Rangiora to stay the night at her and her partners farm.Her partner,W,created the most amazing melon margaritas and we played a pile of old vinyl,reminiscing about the good old days,and singing along with Siouxsie and the Banshees,Simple Minds,Gary Numan,Soft Cell,and goodness knows what else......I think I staggered off to bed around 12:30pm(that's LATE for me!)and G and I had a fab sleep in our Kombi,waking up to feel marvellous!!Wish I could say the same for W!!He was decidedly worse for wear,and it didn't help that their youngest child was trying to get them up at around 6am.....hurrah for being childless at a time like that!If Boris tried to wake us up that early,we'd just throw him out!It was a great night.
Tonight will be a quiet one,with a lovely couple coming for dinner and a DVD-I think I'll try and get the latest Star Trek one out.I'm not a trekkie,really,but do enjoy it from time to time.I was thinking I might resist the alcohol and support our pregnant friend,but stuff it,it's only Saturday,and the allure of vodka is far too strong for me.She'll just have to go it alone!!Well,she would go and get knocked up!
*The pic is an old one,from when G and I went to Thailand/Cambodia about 4 years ago.I was just having a scoot through G's photo file,and thought that one would do nicely.Can't have a post without a visual!

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