Linda Blair should have won an Oscar.

Yes! I ended up watching "The Exorcist" last night, after a botched attempt with my mate Gill to go and see "An Education" (we were late after having trouble finding a park, then forgot that The Academy doesn't take eftpos). Haven't seen it in years. Great fun. Reminded me of other great old horrors, like "Evil Dead"- or was that a comedy?! And ickies like "Without Warning" and "Kingdom of the Spiders"Ew. I once worked school holidays in a video/record store in Cootamundra, when I was 14 or 15, and my boss would play horrors every day- I'm not great with scary movies, and I'm sure some of the shockers he played are to blame for my nerves!Ugh- there was a horrible George Romero one- I think- where a priest kills himself and opens up the gates of hell, and somewhere in it a girl throws up her entire insides..........ew ew ew!

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