Queenie,how delightful you are!

I did a bit of op- shopping the other day, didn't find very much, just a couple of basic things like a scarf and a beanie for next winter, and a crazy 70's ashtray I am going to give to a friend. But I did find a book about the coronation of Elizabeth II, with great cheesey pics, and best of all, an actual black & white photo of her that someone may have used as a bookmark, in a wonderful evening gown. I was quite excited, as I have a weird fascination for Monarchy in general, particularly the British Monarchy. No idea why, but it makes for fun battles with a very anti monarchy English friend. I don't collect anything to do with it, but must say I am tempted by some of the tacky tat that is available....I have only a black & white pin of the 2 princesses when they were young, which I made into a rosette. I rather like the Queen, and would love to have her over for a cosy chat.
This coming weekend we are going down to Dunedin for a bonfire party. Haven't been to Dunedin for ages-not one of my favourite places. When I first moved to NZ, I lived there for 10 months before moving to Christchurch. Coming from Sydney, it was a cold and hilly shock-I don't like to be surrounded by hills, and Dunedin is kind of deep in a bowl, surrounded by hills and just seething with damp and mildew!! But, for those who live there, there is nowhere they would rather be! Ugh. It is all I can do to make the effort to visit our friends there!
So, I am looking forward to a good drive, and we have booked a cabin in a campground at St Kilda, which will be very pleasant. A road trip/dirty weekend coming right up!

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