Tool My Leather

I'm quite excited about this handbag-G found it about 2 years ago for a whole $1 in an obscure op shop;it had a broken strap,and I stuck it in the "to be fixed"pile and promptly forgot about it.....and then found it a couple of weeks ago,had it fixed,and discovered how jolly fab it is!! I do like my leather tooled,and this is sooo cool,as it is an Aztec design,and as I finally realised my dream of going to Mexico last year,I love it so much more!
So,the Siouxsie album was awesome-better than I expected,a bit Rammstein-ish in places,and generally quite modern and her voice is as amazing as ever!I got quietly drunk and sat in front of the speakers for a while,replaying fab bits until a friend turned up for a dinner/trash tv evening.
I did end up thrashing some Banshees albums,in particular,"A Kiss In the Dreamhouse" and "Tinderbox",2 of my faves.Gonna get G to put these on his MP3 player for when we go to Thailand at the end of November.Perfect music for tropical weather..........and as for the trash tv-she made G and I watch America's Next Top Model!!!It is ONLY because she is pregnant that I allowed this.I normally would not tolerate such garbage in my house!!!(LOL)Then I subjected her to "To the Manor Bowen",only to find that she has a long term crush on Lawrence,so no revenge there!!!
Now,I am really NOT enjoying "The Book of Dave".Not at all.It's just too bloody annoying,esp the language in the future bits,as I am a speed reader,and it just gets in my way!!I'm going to chuck it and get into the Zelda Fitzgerald bio,dammit.Then I have to go to the secondhand book shop and stock up.

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