Strangely Appealing.....

Is the work of this amaaaaaazing and fascinating Australian artist,Del Kathryn Barton.
I'd love a peek at the inside of her head.
She has also collaborated with Australian design duo Romance Was Born,whom I love for their wild kookiness.


The weather was shite all weekend.
I popped down to see Madam Butterfly on Saturday all rugged up,and carrying an umbrella!In January!Good grief.
Wore the lovely 50's frock I bought there a while back,with opshopped brown boots,brown silk wrap around top and brown belt.
Meet the lovely Madam in pic 2.She was channeling her inner rock chick,and she has great thighs.
Went out to friends for dinner Saturday night in a frock I made myself from 80's fabric bought off Trade Me,opshopped cardi,tights from the Warehouse and shoes from Wild pair.
Sunday I did some sewing-have nearly finished G's jacket-some groceries,and set up a registry for my darling J's baby shower.(I've never been to a baby shower before,much less organised one-eeeep!)Wore a frock I made years ago,with a scarf I made a couple of months ago,opshopped boots and handbag,Farmers socks and tights.
I'm really into cream tights,by the way.

I need me a country estate...... I can lie around the grounds with big hair,a couple of labs,a divine frock,a velvet choker and a weighty volume of poetry.(Or whatever it is.Might be a cookbook.Or a book on how to build your own rocket.)
Yeah, Britt Ekland, you're giving me the come on, you know you want to be me ...
And I'm buying it.

True Confessions Part 1

I'm a wino.A shameless wino.
And a shoe freak-but that would be confessions 2, wouldn't it?!
Anyhow,yester evening we had a lovely glass at The Bohemian,then a lovely burrito at The Burrito Company,then got a lovely bottle-ok,2-on the way home.........mmmmmmmmm.We are into syrahs(or shiraz,whatever),cab sav's and occasionally,when we feel flush,pinot noir.You have to feel flush,as a decent pinot noir costs a bit.Cheap pinot noir tastes like shit.
These are my favourite shoes.My pole dancing shoes,hahaha.Sooo unbelieveably comfortable,and a whole $14 from Toffs a couple of years back!Bargain!Great for cycling.

Brideshead Revisted revisted

Woof!! Got a glimpse of Colin Firth being interviewed on the Golden Globes red carpet last night.........mmmmmmm.......but that is not what this is about.............
Watched this last night.Revisited,really-I loved the mini series when I was in school(a very freaking long time ago,ok?!),the one with Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews.(I must find out what happened to Anthony;I had quite the crush on him,a scrapbook and all)I had the book,and was most awfully keen-but had completely forgotten about it over the years until I saw they were making this movie.But then didn't get around to seeing it.Typical.But,it was on Sky the other night,so I recorded it,and G and I watched it in all its mournful glory last night!Great settings,costumes-but ugh,the religious angle?!Was that originally there?? I truly did not remember that,and it got on my goat a bit,although it is the whole point of the story,I suppose.Sacrifice and all.There were some great scenes,particularly when Charles & Sebastian are getting bent,which was quite a lot,and I was hoping they would really get into some good snogging,but alas,they did not go any further than a half-hearted peck.Sigh.
Emma Thompson was wonderful.Talented lady.
Oh,and thank you Helen,for becoming a follower!Oooer,I have 3 now.No idea what Rogelio gets out of it,unless it's something dodgy.??!!Fishing seems to be his thing......not frocks and girly blitherings.......bug impresses me with her fantastic good manners and adorable style.Nice to be looked over by you all!Thanks heaps for noticing me!

Grey Gardens,Grey Skies

Dreary weather. Shame, really, considering it IS supposed to be Summer. I was inspired to wear purpley/blues both days, and on Saturday night, green for a dinner date at friends N & T, who have moved to green, lush Cashmere.

Now, in the third photo-I am NOT sweating!! It was far too cold all weekend for that kind of carry on!! And, yes, I look quite gormless in the first pic, but I wanted to show off my tiara, and I'm not the most photogenic!
That first frock was from the delightful Madame Butterfly's on Stanmore Rd. She rocks!
The others are opshop finds that I have altered.
I enjoyed prancing around in a tiara. I am amazed that I didn't get any shit from the public when I was out and about with it on Saturday. Maybe it's ignorant bliss on my part, and I WAS getting weird looks?? Maybe I need a bigger one? Who knows-I don't give a toss what anyone thinks about how I dress. I worry occassionally about being mutton dressed as lamb, but TOUGH!

A Very Pleasant Birthday....

The night before,went out for Thai at our favourite Aroy Thai.On the day,after bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, plus a bottle of bubbly,we went out opshopping.Then we had a splendid lunch at the Meditteranean Food Company,where I had the most scrumptious blood orange gelato.So good I almost lay on the counter begging to be spoon fed(ok, I did do that,but the gentleman "serving"me was faintly appalled).
That night we had a relaxed and fun band practice.A jolly good day indeed.Nothing like shopping when slightly inebriated!!!(Bah ha ha)Scored 1 frock,some books and a few bits/bobs at the opshops.The frock needs some work-a dye job,hemming,strap adjustments-but that is half the fun,assuming I get off my ass and DO it!It has great potential and will make an appearance when done........
(The first frock was selfmade from an old maxi,the second was from the "Shabby Chic" Market I went to the other day....)


To Market,To Market....

Yeah! Sunday I went to a "Shabby Chic"market in an ancient villa in Woolston.The villa is apparently the shop-maybe home too-of "Forget Me Not",a vintage shop that used to be on High St.I had thought they just closed down,but there you go.I used to go to Polytech across the road(studying Fashion & Design Technology),and would occasionally pop in and abuse my tiny student allowance.
Anyway,there were a lot of stalls in the garden,including a bread stall and Devonshire teas in the backyard,and it was very festive,despite occasional rain showers!I scored 2 frocks,a petticoat,and a sweet blue knitted bloom brooch!Very chuffed,as it is my birthday on Wednesday(tomorrow!)13th,so I needed a treat!
*Frock,made by me out of opshopped fabric,cardi and shoes from Thailand(the shoes were from our last trip there,or maybe the one before!),basket opshopped.

Shoes of Orangeium

Got 1 pair of lovely orange shoes in Bangkok,here I am musing about the frock I will make to wear them with,which I will make out of the lovely orange floral fabric I got in Mexico last year,and under that, I shall wear the divine maroon petticoat.......must pull finger out and finish the jacket I am making for G,the 2 frocks I haven't finished for myself that have been on the boiler for some time,and a baby duvet cover for J.Phew-busy,busy,busy!!
Frock in top pic is selfmade,with opshop petticoat,opshop cardi,and of course,the new shoes.


I was looking at an old Australian Vogue,last year,I think,and found this............woah!!!! How did I miss this campaign?!(the same way I miss a lot of things,I guess!)
I'm not all sure about Ms Scarlett generally,but I do like how chameleonic she is.One minute plain Jane,the next-va va VOOM!!! I love Marilyn,and I think Scarlett looks wonderful as a lookalike.....

Stepford Wives 1975


 Thank goodness I didn't let the 2004 Nicole Kidman version put me off!!! I loved it! Extremely eerie with a nice threatening score.The stealing of womens individuality freaks me right out.(The Borg scare me for the same reason)

I was rather taken by the lead,
Absolute 70's perfection with long,glossy hair,gorgeous lips and the pre-requisite natural ourdoorsiness.Must check out more of her work!
And o,my,Paula Prentiss,who played Bobbie,didn't half remind me of Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise!!!

*On a completely different note,I just found out last night(I'm ALWAYS the last to know)that Peaches is playing Auckland on the 14th.
Saw this for the first time last night!The Stepford Wives

Strange Burger?

I was somewhat bemused by this sign on a bakery in Bangkok.Does this mean I can have the lips of my dreams if I eat one of these burgers?!
Today,a good bit of cheeriness is required.The most important thing to me about travelling in countries like Thailand,or Mexico,or Laos,is that I get a good sense of perspective.I really see just how good my life is and how lucky I am.So why is it that today I feel all down and stressed about having to go to work,the perpetual bills that need to be paid,chores and the endless pressures of keeping up with a myriad of friends I love dearly but don't ever seem to have enough time for?And when do I get time for myself?Man,talk about feeling sorry for myself,and guilty-because I ought to be truly grateful that I have a job,that I earn enough money to pay the bills,that I have a home that requires chores,that I even have friends at all.
Right.Time to snap out of it!I don't make New Years resolutions(because I have NO discipline!),but I'm gonna have to resolve never to be ungrateful again!!!No more whining!
*Reading "Sons and Lovers" DH Lawrence.I read all the books I took away,plus another 6 by exchanging,plus 3 the lovely P had brought with her.Nothing like a lot of holiday reading!


I found a fun cosmetics store in Kamphaeng Phet,filled with all sorts of guilt- inducing Chinese made cosmetics,but I couldn't resist a bit of fun,and so I bought a bagful of STUFF for a ridiculous sum!!Including this fabulous blue nailpolish and blue tinted sparkly nailpolish!
I think my toes look rather fab over these lilypads!

5 weeks later.......

.....we gobbled and guzzled our way around Thailand and back to our sunny(amazing!)shores!
Thank you Bug,for your lovely good wishes,we did indeed have a fantastic time!!!
We had 2 days in Bangkok,and then our lovely American friend,M,arrived.Then it was game on.We went to some great places,most of which I hadn't been to before(this must be our 5th time in Thailand),starting with Lopburi,then Phitsanulok,Sukhothai,Kamphaeng Phet,Lampang and Chiang Mai,then back to Bangkok to collect M's wife,P,who was only able to join us for the last 2 weeks,and it was off to Trat and over to Koh Mak,an island paradise!
Ah,it was heaven.Got home last night,and remembered today why holidays are so good.......NO CHORES!!! LOL!!!O well.It may be back to reality,but isn't all grim!!