5 weeks later.......

.....we gobbled and guzzled our way around Thailand and back to our sunny(amazing!)shores!
Thank you Bug,for your lovely good wishes,we did indeed have a fantastic time!!!
We had 2 days in Bangkok,and then our lovely American friend,M,arrived.Then it was game on.We went to some great places,most of which I hadn't been to before(this must be our 5th time in Thailand),starting with Lopburi,then Phitsanulok,Sukhothai,Kamphaeng Phet,Lampang and Chiang Mai,then back to Bangkok to collect M's wife,P,who was only able to join us for the last 2 weeks,and it was off to Trat and over to Koh Mak,an island paradise!
Ah,it was heaven.Got home last night,and remembered today why holidays are so good.......NO CHORES!!! LOL!!!O well.It may be back to reality,but isn't all grim!!

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