Brideshead Revisted revisted

Woof!! Got a glimpse of Colin Firth being interviewed on the Golden Globes red carpet last night.........mmmmmmm.......but that is not what this is about.............
Watched this last night.Revisited,really-I loved the mini series when I was in school(a very freaking long time ago,ok?!),the one with Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews.(I must find out what happened to Anthony;I had quite the crush on him,a scrapbook and all)I had the book,and was most awfully keen-but had completely forgotten about it over the years until I saw they were making this movie.But then didn't get around to seeing it.Typical.But,it was on Sky the other night,so I recorded it,and G and I watched it in all its mournful glory last night!Great settings,costumes-but ugh,the religious angle?!Was that originally there?? I truly did not remember that,and it got on my goat a bit,although it is the whole point of the story,I suppose.Sacrifice and all.There were some great scenes,particularly when Charles & Sebastian are getting bent,which was quite a lot,and I was hoping they would really get into some good snogging,but alas,they did not go any further than a half-hearted peck.Sigh.
Emma Thompson was wonderful.Talented lady.
Oh,and thank you Helen,for becoming a follower!Oooer,I have 3 now.No idea what Rogelio gets out of it,unless it's something dodgy.??!!Fishing seems to be his thing......not frocks and girly blitherings.......bug impresses me with her fantastic good manners and adorable style.Nice to be looked over by you all!Thanks heaps for noticing me!

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