Grey Gardens,Grey Skies

Dreary weather. Shame, really, considering it IS supposed to be Summer. I was inspired to wear purpley/blues both days, and on Saturday night, green for a dinner date at friends N & T, who have moved to green, lush Cashmere.

Now, in the third photo-I am NOT sweating!! It was far too cold all weekend for that kind of carry on!! And, yes, I look quite gormless in the first pic, but I wanted to show off my tiara, and I'm not the most photogenic!
That first frock was from the delightful Madame Butterfly's on Stanmore Rd. She rocks!
The others are opshop finds that I have altered.
I enjoyed prancing around in a tiara. I am amazed that I didn't get any shit from the public when I was out and about with it on Saturday. Maybe it's ignorant bliss on my part, and I WAS getting weird looks?? Maybe I need a bigger one? Who knows-I don't give a toss what anyone thinks about how I dress. I worry occassionally about being mutton dressed as lamb, but TOUGH!

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