The weather was shite all weekend.
I popped down to see Madam Butterfly on Saturday all rugged up,and carrying an umbrella!In January!Good grief.
Wore the lovely 50's frock I bought there a while back,with opshopped brown boots,brown silk wrap around top and brown belt.
Meet the lovely Madam in pic 2.She was channeling her inner rock chick,and she has great thighs.
Went out to friends for dinner Saturday night in a frock I made myself from 80's fabric bought off Trade Me,opshopped cardi,tights from the Warehouse and shoes from Wild pair.
Sunday I did some sewing-have nearly finished G's jacket-some groceries,and set up a registry for my darling J's baby shower.(I've never been to a baby shower before,much less organised one-eeeep!)Wore a frock I made years ago,with a scarf I made a couple of months ago,opshopped boots and handbag,Farmers socks and tights.
I'm really into cream tights,by the way.

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Bug said...

Ive never been to baby shower either. Cute outfit, love the colors. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)