Stepford Wives 1975


 Thank goodness I didn't let the 2004 Nicole Kidman version put me off!!! I loved it! Extremely eerie with a nice threatening score.The stealing of womens individuality freaks me right out.(The Borg scare me for the same reason)

I was rather taken by the lead,
Absolute 70's perfection with long,glossy hair,gorgeous lips and the pre-requisite natural ourdoorsiness.Must check out more of her work!
And o,my,Paula Prentiss,who played Bobbie,didn't half remind me of Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise!!!

*On a completely different note,I just found out last night(I'm ALWAYS the last to know)that Peaches is playing Auckland on the 14th.
Saw this for the first time last night!The Stepford Wives

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