Strange Burger?

I was somewhat bemused by this sign on a bakery in Bangkok.Does this mean I can have the lips of my dreams if I eat one of these burgers?!
Today,a good bit of cheeriness is required.The most important thing to me about travelling in countries like Thailand,or Mexico,or Laos,is that I get a good sense of perspective.I really see just how good my life is and how lucky I am.So why is it that today I feel all down and stressed about having to go to work,the perpetual bills that need to be paid,chores and the endless pressures of keeping up with a myriad of friends I love dearly but don't ever seem to have enough time for?And when do I get time for myself?Man,talk about feeling sorry for myself,and guilty-because I ought to be truly grateful that I have a job,that I earn enough money to pay the bills,that I have a home that requires chores,that I even have friends at all.
Right.Time to snap out of it!I don't make New Years resolutions(because I have NO discipline!),but I'm gonna have to resolve never to be ungrateful again!!!No more whining!
*Reading "Sons and Lovers" DH Lawrence.I read all the books I took away,plus another 6 by exchanging,plus 3 the lovely P had brought with her.Nothing like a lot of holiday reading!

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