To Market,To Market....

Yeah! Sunday I went to a "Shabby Chic"market in an ancient villa in Woolston.The villa is apparently the shop-maybe home too-of "Forget Me Not",a vintage shop that used to be on High St.I had thought they just closed down,but there you go.I used to go to Polytech across the road(studying Fashion & Design Technology),and would occasionally pop in and abuse my tiny student allowance.
Anyway,there were a lot of stalls in the garden,including a bread stall and Devonshire teas in the backyard,and it was very festive,despite occasional rain showers!I scored 2 frocks,a petticoat,and a sweet blue knitted bloom brooch!Very chuffed,as it is my birthday on Wednesday(tomorrow!)13th,so I needed a treat!
*Frock,made by me out of opshopped fabric,cardi and shoes from Thailand(the shoes were from our last trip there,or maybe the one before!),basket opshopped.

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Bug said...

Sounds like a lovely place! I adore the colors in this outfit. You pair your clothes so well. Darling!