True Confessions Part 1

I'm a wino.A shameless wino.
And a shoe freak-but that would be confessions 2, wouldn't it?!
Anyhow,yester evening we had a lovely glass at The Bohemian,then a lovely burrito at The Burrito Company,then got a lovely bottle-ok,2-on the way home.........mmmmmmmmm.We are into syrahs(or shiraz,whatever),cab sav's and occasionally,when we feel flush,pinot noir.You have to feel flush,as a decent pinot noir costs a bit.Cheap pinot noir tastes like shit.
These are my favourite shoes.My pole dancing shoes,hahaha.Sooo unbelieveably comfortable,and a whole $14 from Toffs a couple of years back!Bargain!Great for cycling.

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