A Very Pleasant Birthday....

The night before,went out for Thai at our favourite Aroy Thai.On the day,after bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, plus a bottle of bubbly,we went out opshopping.Then we had a splendid lunch at the Meditteranean Food Company,where I had the most scrumptious blood orange gelato.So good I almost lay on the counter begging to be spoon fed(ok, I did do that,but the gentleman "serving"me was faintly appalled).
That night we had a relaxed and fun band practice.A jolly good day indeed.Nothing like shopping when slightly inebriated!!!(Bah ha ha)Scored 1 frock,some books and a few bits/bobs at the opshops.The frock needs some work-a dye job,hemming,strap adjustments-but that is half the fun,assuming I get off my ass and DO it!It has great potential and will make an appearance when done........
(The first frock was selfmade from an old maxi,the second was from the "Shabby Chic" Market I went to the other day....)


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