Genuine Crimped Terylene,no less!

Am feeling somewhat brighter today.Figured a bit of slap and a crimped terylene 2 oiece was just the thing to really brighten me up!
70's 2 piece-opshopped.When I took it to the counter,the old(very old) lady behind the counter said "you'll never have to iron that,love".A whole $3,thank you very much!!
Tights-gift from fave sister-in-law

Earrings-$2 Shop
Necklace-G bought for me at a roadside market between Lampang/Chiang Mai.I love ethnic jewellry.

G is looking so cute and boyish today.
I just hemmed some jeans for G,and finished a frock I made out of an old caftan.I might visit my bestie,Justine,later,and see how she is getting on in her heavy pregnancy.Or not.Not sure what I feel like doing,nor even if I feel like doing anything at all!

Princess in the Grass

So,I am still crook,and have been entertaining G by coughing up lung oysters and asking him if I make him randy.Bless his heart,he says I do.I know he is humouring me,but it is comforting none the less.
My darling new friend-whom I am convinced is my karmic twin-vix,cheered me up no end with her loveliness.I am sure I will be right as rain in a day or two!
I could only summon the energy to do the dishes and flop on the lawn in this fab costume I got at the Musical Society sale in Rangoon the other week.O,and turn on the computer.We had been thinking about going to see the 3Ds at the Bedford tonight,but nah,I just couldn't cope with it,and I don't feel like drinking.What?!Yes,I must be sick.O woe is me.Poor old G has it too,but not too badly.There is something quite nice about being sick together-we grizzle in unison.True love!!

This shot is great.I look like Boxing Helena here.Only I have arms.

I found a cat in a box

I am as crook as a goat today,ie:I am terribly,terribly ill!!!
Lol-just a chest infection,dammit.And just when the weather has come up a pearler!!
Vix darling,yes,opshopping is the same as charity shopping.An opshop is a church Opportunity Shop.They aren't as good,nor are there as many as when I first moved to Christchurch 20 years ago.
*Found Boris sleeping in this box the other day.Feck he is cute.He is somewhere in the region of 17 years old,not sure as we got him used from friends who moved to Brisbane about 6 years ago,and they got him used from someone else!
Cardi and socks-opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Brown sort-of fishnets-not sure,might have been Woolworths
Handbag-opshopped,70's tooled leather
Do excuse me,I'm off to moan and groan,cough and hack,take pharmaseuticals( did I spell that right?!)and generally feel sorry for myself.Ugh.

Check out my fur!

So,I've had some time off work,which means I've been able to go opshopping.A lot.I have spent more money opshopping in the last month than I have spent in the last year.Hurrah!My working hours are 8am-4:30pm,and opshops here in Christchurch are mostly open from 10am-4pm,so I only get to go to those that are open on Saturday mornings,of which there are very few,or Savemarts,which are huge warehouses of secondhand clothing and stuff.There are a couple of other secondhand clothing shops open on weekends too.So,that is when I usually shop,and it can be a bit limited,unless I take an afternoon off work.
Yesterday I went to Papanui,an area of town I don't get to much,and checked out 2 opshops there.They didn't have much to offer,but I did find this awesome 1940's mini fur cape.It has shoulders that would make Joan Collins drool.Not sure that I will wear it,but it is frickin' cool!!
It is deep chocolate brown with a brassy clasp.Pretty sure that it is real fur,dunno what kind of critter.There is the cutest pocket inside,with a sweet gathered edge.

Frock-made by me.
Cardi and shoes-opshopped
Handbag-vintage,darling.Scored about 4 weeks ago.
Tights-no bloody idea!I didn't even know I had them until I found them deep in my tights drawer last week.Frigged if I know where/when I got them.
Pendant-made out of bass strings by Violet Fagan,who used to be part of the Mermaid Collective,nowdays running a vintage shop in Dunedin.A very talented artist.It has a naked lady in the centre.Ooo-er.

True Confessions Part 2

Balloons and bellybuttons freak me out!
I can look at them,but you can't make me touch them.
Strange but true.Got nothing to do with the above pic,however!!
Frock-altered 70's,opshopped
Shoes and tights-Trade Me
Bag-some Asian importers,customised by me

Ms Hendricks,you are a Goddess!

How jolly refreshing!I am always very self-concious about my capacious bosom,esp when in pics I just see acres of them dominating the view.But this lass is really built!!!Phwoar!
Yep,this pic makes me feel proud of my girls,and inclined to get a bit of cleavage action going.
You know,I have never seen the show she is in,Mad Men.I hear it is really good.And set in the early 60's with fabulous clothes.Sounds right up my alley!Takes me forever to get around to a series;I just can't commit to watching something on a weekly basis,I'd rather wait and get it out on DVD and watch it all in one go.So that is my aim-to get the first season of Mad Men out and check out this babe in action!!

Sunshine and flowers

When I am down,I like to sing the Sound of Music soundtrack to myself.I find "Climb Every Mountain" very uplifting. Not that I'm down or anything. Labelling posts can be so difficult,and it was sunshine and flowers made me think of "Favourite Things" you do.

Frock-opshopped (It gives me a bit of a mono-boob,but o well.I like the frock and won't let that put me off it!!!
Pink fishnets-Ballantynes,I think
Shoes-70's,a gift

The G Spot

This military style jacket has been one of my most recent sewing projects.I'm very happy with how it turned out,and so is G!!The buttons were his late father's,which makes a nice sentimental touch.

G is the best poser!!!

Busy bumbling around

Today was a real scorcher.I went out to Rangoon(commonly known as Rangiora)to the North Canterbury Musical Society sale.This pile above is the loot I came back with!Hurrah!All frocks need fixing in some way-no worries.Mostly 60's and 70's,that all fit,plus some long slips-not sure how old,prob 40's/50's?-1 50's frock and some red 50's shoes that don't fit that I may have to pull finger and sell.Or just keep to admire!
And,a group of 1972 sewing books!

So I went dressed in red and yellow.I made this necklace;the heart is from Oaxaca in 2007.Not a great pic,sorry.

Made my frock.The cardi and handbag were opshop scores years ago.The shoes were opshopped in Blenheim,and the orange large fishnet tights (not very visible)were from Sydney.
So,I needed to catch up with a some frock shots:

Frock,boots opshopped.Bag a gift from the lovely J.Tights were from Sydney.I took my mum in law to see "An Education",which we both loved.Fantastic story,soundtrack,frocks,hair.
LOVED IT,I tell you!
Went opshopping in this fab 70's number from an opshop near my house last week.Cardi also opshopped,bag from J that I am thrashing a lot lately,and shoes from Sydney.

Doing my best to look glamourous.