Busy bumbling around

Today was a real scorcher.I went out to Rangoon(commonly known as Rangiora)to the North Canterbury Musical Society sale.This pile above is the loot I came back with!Hurrah!All frocks need fixing in some way-no worries.Mostly 60's and 70's,that all fit,plus some long slips-not sure how old,prob 40's/50's?-1 50's frock and some red 50's shoes that don't fit that I may have to pull finger and sell.Or just keep to admire!
And,a group of 1972 sewing books!

So I went dressed in red and yellow.I made this necklace;the heart is from Oaxaca in 2007.Not a great pic,sorry.

Made my frock.The cardi and handbag were opshop scores years ago.The shoes were opshopped in Blenheim,and the orange large fishnet tights (not very visible)were from Sydney.
So,I needed to catch up with a some frock shots:

Frock,boots opshopped.Bag a gift from the lovely J.Tights were from Sydney.I took my mum in law to see "An Education",which we both loved.Fantastic story,soundtrack,frocks,hair.
LOVED IT,I tell you!
Went opshopping in this fab 70's number from an opshop near my house last week.Cardi also opshopped,bag from J that I am thrashing a lot lately,and shoes from Sydney.

Doing my best to look glamourous.

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