Check out my fur!

So,I've had some time off work,which means I've been able to go opshopping.A lot.I have spent more money opshopping in the last month than I have spent in the last year.Hurrah!My working hours are 8am-4:30pm,and opshops here in Christchurch are mostly open from 10am-4pm,so I only get to go to those that are open on Saturday mornings,of which there are very few,or Savemarts,which are huge warehouses of secondhand clothing and stuff.There are a couple of other secondhand clothing shops open on weekends too.So,that is when I usually shop,and it can be a bit limited,unless I take an afternoon off work.
Yesterday I went to Papanui,an area of town I don't get to much,and checked out 2 opshops there.They didn't have much to offer,but I did find this awesome 1940's mini fur cape.It has shoulders that would make Joan Collins drool.Not sure that I will wear it,but it is frickin' cool!!
It is deep chocolate brown with a brassy clasp.Pretty sure that it is real fur,dunno what kind of critter.There is the cutest pocket inside,with a sweet gathered edge.

Frock-made by me.
Cardi and shoes-opshopped
Handbag-vintage,darling.Scored about 4 weeks ago.
Tights-no bloody idea!I didn't even know I had them until I found them deep in my tights drawer last week.Frigged if I know where/when I got them.
Pendant-made out of bass strings by Violet Fagan,who used to be part of the Mermaid Collective,nowdays running a vintage shop in Dunedin.A very talented artist.It has a naked lady in the centre.Ooo-er.


Vintage Vixen said...

Cor, love that cape ( and everything you're wearing)! I picked up a similar one the other but a bit more moth-eaten, looks rather spiffy worn with a psychedellic maxi.

Is Op-Shoppong like charity shopping? After jumble sales and car boots my bestest pass time in the world.

Having a proper read of your blog today, I cannot believe you also love Yootha Joyce (Mildred Roper) she's my idol and J's always telling me we have the same taste in nylon housecoats. Also I've been with my man for 17 years.

I think I need to come and play with you and Boris!


Lottie said...

nice outfit girl!

Bug said...

Wow, what a great find! I bet you will put some really cute outfits together with that. I love your outfit. You are always so bright and vintagy. So inspiring.