Genuine Crimped Terylene,no less!

Am feeling somewhat brighter today.Figured a bit of slap and a crimped terylene 2 oiece was just the thing to really brighten me up!
70's 2 piece-opshopped.When I took it to the counter,the old(very old) lady behind the counter said "you'll never have to iron that,love".A whole $3,thank you very much!!
Tights-gift from fave sister-in-law

Earrings-$2 Shop
Necklace-G bought for me at a roadside market between Lampang/Chiang Mai.I love ethnic jewellry.

G is looking so cute and boyish today.
I just hemmed some jeans for G,and finished a frock I made out of an old caftan.I might visit my bestie,Justine,later,and see how she is getting on in her heavy pregnancy.Or not.Not sure what I feel like doing,nor even if I feel like doing anything at all!


Vintage Vixen said...

Fantastic two-piece there, Helga, darling! What a stupendous bargain, too.
I love man-made fibres, last a blinking lifetime. I've got a fave crimplene maxi skirt I take travelling, it washes and drip dries in the blink of an eye.
Loving the ethnic necklace, yet another thing we have in common -spooky!
G looks cool, glad you're both back in the land of the living.
Have fun.

Helga said...

Yeah,we are crimpelene queens!!!
Ahuh,yet another crazy similarity........spooky is about right!