I found a cat in a box

I am as crook as a goat today,ie:I am terribly,terribly ill!!!
Lol-just a chest infection,dammit.And just when the weather has come up a pearler!!
Vix darling,yes,opshopping is the same as charity shopping.An opshop is a church Opportunity Shop.They aren't as good,nor are there as many as when I first moved to Christchurch 20 years ago.
*Found Boris sleeping in this box the other day.Feck he is cute.He is somewhere in the region of 17 years old,not sure as we got him used from friends who moved to Brisbane about 6 years ago,and they got him used from someone else!
Cardi and socks-opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Brown sort-of fishnets-not sure,might have been Woolworths
Handbag-opshopped,70's tooled leather
Do excuse me,I'm off to moan and groan,cough and hack,take pharmaseuticals( did I spell that right?!)and generally feel sorry for myself.Ugh.


Vintage Vixen said...

Aw, darling, you don't look ill at all, only freakin' fabulous! Lurve the print of the dress and the boots and sock combo.
Your hair is just beautiful, so jealous of the length and those waves.
Boris is 17? No way. He looks so youthful and he looks like he's got a pot belly, just like our Stephen.
It's uncanny, same age, all four of us fire horses (J's also one), combi vans and loads of films, books and music in common too....wonder if Gilbert would make it as far as NZ.
God, I love you!
Get well soon, hun.
Good God, your garden puts ours to shame.

Helga said...

Thanks,Vix,you are a sweetie!!!
I know,Boris doesn't seem 17 at all,except for the fact that he is deaf.He can be quite spry when he wants to be-which isn't often enough!!
Ha-it is way uncanny that we seem to fecking related!!!!Must be destiny!!We wanna come visit-G would shit himself to bring the Zombi over!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxam crazy for youxxxxxxyeah!
o-not all of our garden looks that good.......