Ms Hendricks,you are a Goddess!

How jolly refreshing!I am always very self-concious about my capacious bosom,esp when in pics I just see acres of them dominating the view.But this lass is really built!!!Phwoar!
Yep,this pic makes me feel proud of my girls,and inclined to get a bit of cleavage action going.
You know,I have never seen the show she is in,Mad Men.I hear it is really good.And set in the early 60's with fabulous clothes.Sounds right up my alley!Takes me forever to get around to a series;I just can't commit to watching something on a weekly basis,I'd rather wait and get it out on DVD and watch it all in one go.So that is my aim-to get the first season of Mad Men out and check out this babe in action!!


Vintage Vixen said...

I'm always envious of girlies with statuesque figures, I'm as scrawny as they come.
Bit bizarre you posting this as my dear BF presented me with the boxed set of Mad Men as a belated St Val's pressie. I'm hopeless at commiting to TV series so it's perfect for dipping in and out of.

Helga said...

Why o why do we always envy what we don't have?!
Crikey,that is bizarre that you have just received the Mad Men boxed set!!Do tell me how you like it,as it may be a while before I get around to watching it!