Sunshine and flowers

When I am down,I like to sing the Sound of Music soundtrack to myself.I find "Climb Every Mountain" very uplifting. Not that I'm down or anything. Labelling posts can be so difficult,and it was sunshine and flowers made me think of "Favourite Things" you do.

Frock-opshopped (It gives me a bit of a mono-boob,but o well.I like the frock and won't let that put me off it!!!
Pink fishnets-Ballantynes,I think
Shoes-70's,a gift


Vintage Vixen said...

Hello Helga! You look fab and thanks for visiting my blog. Great to find another vintage fanatic (and I think our cats may be twins).
I'm following!

Helga said...

Yay,Vixen!!So nice to meet another like mind!
It must be destiny if our cats are twin-like!!!
I'm following you too!