True Confessions Part 2

Balloons and bellybuttons freak me out!
I can look at them,but you can't make me touch them.
Strange but true.Got nothing to do with the above pic,however!!
Frock-altered 70's,opshopped
Shoes and tights-Trade Me
Bag-some Asian importers,customised by me


Vintage Vixen said...

You know, if I hadn't started blogging I'd never have met such awesome people like you! Your style is epic, I love every picture. Stephen photos (Boris's English twin)following shortly, honest.
PS My partner says to tell your man that they have the same guitar.

Helga said...

Outrageous!!!G loves his guitar.Boris likes the case,as it has pink(yes!)fur inside.
Thank you for the lovely compliments!I am digging YOUR style!
Can't wait to meet Stephen!!X