I like BIG HAIR and I cannot lie

Maybe I was Texan in a past life, maybe not, but I just love big hair!!! This bouffantly gorgeous lass is Lyn Gardener, she runs a vintage shop in Melbourne called Empire 11( empirevintage )and leads a most glamourous lifestyle.
Beautiful Kaelah, Kaelah has hair I just gasp over!!!

No idea who this chick is, but the hair is just fabbydo.

Ah, Dusty Springfield. Springhair more like!
No idea who this is, but WOW!!! Inspiring!!! Such volume, such smoothness!
Cute freckles, too.
Sweet Brigitte Bardot, how do I love thy sexy hair? Let me count the ways......

With this hair she could have ruled the world!!!

If memory serves me correctly, this is Mari Wilson?? 80's songstress with hair to die for!!!
The Ronettes. OMG I want that hair!!!
Mine is all smoke and mirrors, or P & P, as I call it. Padding and Product. I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine, and tends to be very flat. A handful of mucky product, a little sureptitious padding, a pile of pins, a little spray, and voila!
Goddess hair!!!

Grass and Sky

Quite the last gasp of Summer today!My legs have already gone into Winter mode,it seems.You'd think I had white tights on!!But no,just bare legs!
Frock-70's maxi,opshopped and shortened by me.Ahem.I alter most things,but do feel forever guilty afterwards!!But I just didn't wear it when it was long!!
Shoes-Trade Me.(the brand is Shelleys of London)
Jewellry-G and his Mum picked the necklace and earrings out for me when they were in Singapore,on the way to Japan,a few years back.Tres glam!

I found this rather divine 50's coat in the loveliest shade of crimson today.$10NZ-stoked!!
I had just been thinking only yesterday that a pink coat was something I was decidedly lacking.And lo and behold!! Opshop karma!
This is the duvet and a cushion cover I made for Justine's baby.Pretty simple,but pretty.I kept a scrap and trimmed a pink frock with it,that'll turn up sometime soon......
*I had the weirdest dream last night.It was all about Aliens,and people breeding them,and it was scary,and then I was sitting with Clint Eastwood and James Woods outside a scientific facility,and James Woods kept waving a tumescent erection at me.Ick.Then I was driving with him,at a furious pace,to get away from the Aliens,but I'd left my handbag behind where we had been sitting,and we had to go back(of course!)to get it,and it was still there,among a lot of wreckage the Aliens had left behind.
What does this all mean???!!!

A Second Sample

The cold light of day upon the contents of crate # 2.
These are the shelves G built for me;there are 7 of the crates.These shelves are above my cutting table,sewing machine and overlocker.My clothes rack is on the other side of the room.

These are the other 4 crates,in between my clothes rack and chest of drawers.
I love shoes,I do!!!
But I rarely have just the right pair.
Have I got a problem??!!
*Thanks for all the fab comments yesterday re the hair bow! I think it's a winner!Gonna make a red one next,to wear to the wedding on Saturday.My colour theme will be red and orange.Perfect for an early Autumnal wedding!

Happy Hardware Hunting-and a BOW!

I like it when light and colour conspire to make me look far younger than my years......
We popped out this morning for a wee spot of hardware shopping, a common pastime here in NZ on a Sunday. Frocking up for the hardware store is just as important as frocking up for the groceries, I feel.
This cactus has been in this garden for 10 years come October!
So, anyway, on the way to the hardware store, we had to stop briefly at the local mall so I could get a prescription filled. We entered through Farmers, a department store catering to the masses, and upon entering encountered an older-well, probably our age, really-in matching capri pants, who looked aghast at G and I-the sheer nerve of expressing distaste at us, who have more style in our arses than they could ever have in this life or the next!!! The question came up: Where is the unwritten rule that women over 40 have to cut their hair short and start wearing capris and generally looking like men? And, why o why do older couples start dressing like twins?!
 Most perplexing.

Funky beret-vintage, darling, and opshopped
Frock-opshopped and altered
Handbag-also vintage,from a market somewhere, I think
Shoes-Trade Me
Now-I made the bow!!!
Opinions, please!
G thinks I need to make it more stiff. I think it is a little wide. But as it is my first one, I'm not too worried. I just wanted to see if I would like it. And I do, even with the slight charwomanliness it gives me.
I wore it to band practice last night.....

This is the green maxi(polyester heaven)that I got the other week.
I'm posing outside Darryl's house. I'm not really taking the bus. How uncouth!
See, charwoman.
But a little 20's-ish, which is nice. Esp with the coat.
Coat-vintage, gift from Justine
Long vesty thing-made by me, using a 70's pattern as a base
Bow-made by moi!!
So,should I pursue the bow thing?
G got quite excited about the whole hair decoration thing, and suggested dollhouse furniture and birds, among other things as potential decorations. He was, admittedly, quite drunk at the time. But-I think I am quite keen to see just how far I can take this, and just how ridiculous I can get!!!
Stay tuned!

A Buxom Lass Indeed

This is one of those shots where I just see tits.I try to de-emphasise the girls,but sometimes camera angle plus a not so flattering cardi like this make me appear to be tits on legs.I really like this little cardi,the colour is divine,but I have noticed it can help bring unwanted attention to the ......tits.Tits,bazookas,bosom,chest,funbags(I hate that one),the girls,mamungas,hooters,ad nauseum......It is nice to have something up front-I know some women would kill for them-but I was a little too well endowed for my liking.Thanks Mummy!!!
I really shouldn't complain!Sorry!
We popped into the Botanic gardens this morning with our friends Darryl & Ira.They are getting married next week,in the gardens,in the Band Rotunda,in fact.And G is conducting the ceremony!He isn't a celebrant,but apparently if you do the legals before hand,you can do whatever you want for a ceremony,and this is what they want.A very low key Viking themed affair.(Just kidding,Ira!!)

So here we are,standing in front of the rotunda.

On me:

On G:
Top-a vintage shop in Dunedin,can't remember the name
Pants-Retropolitan(a very funky little shop)
Doc's-opshopped(great score!)

Split Personality!

For sure! I started the day like this.

Frock-opshopped,not sure if vintage,but one of those wonderful homemade jobs I just LOVE


Handbag-vintage,opshopped the other day


Shoes-Hannah's sale

There was a sale at Tete a Tete today,a vintage store in town.But I just couldn't be arsed.

Got a bottle of booze for Mikel,who gave G the whole Black Sabbath catalogue & Iron Maiden as well on a memory stick!!Then I popped into a local opshop which has odd hours.Never sure when they are open!!They had a fill a bag for $4 thing going on,but very little of interest to be had.No matter!!

The lovely Loulou(plumpfeathers) was interested in this necklace.It's a real fave of mine,and is made up of a cameo(fake)found at the Greenwich market in 1992 and a surround found in a junk/antique shop on the Nevada/Arizona border in 1996.They are blutacked together!!! I have never got around to glueing the damn thing!!Thankfully it is still holding and I haven't lost the cameo.
Hoop earrings from an Asian shop,and the big hair is almost all mine!!(I will be doing a big hair post soon,cos I LOVE it!!)
The following pictures are what I am wearing this afternoon/now evening!! My darling vix will approve!!!I liked all the pics,so sorry if it's a bit boring.The sun had an interesting effect!!G took the pics of me on a wonderful 70's cane chair I was given a few years ago that we simply do not have the room for!!(Small house)AND G hates it!!(No idea why!).
I have a G & T(Bombay of course) in hand.I am currently on my 4th...........

Divine 70's maxi-opshopped(thinking of you,vix! XXX)

Yes,it was very sunny this afternoon!!Squinty squint!!

Style Inspiration-Strawberry Switchblade!

For anyone who doesn't recognise these gorgeously attired young ladies,meet Strawberry Switchblade!An imaginatively named synth duo from the 80's,they are Rose and Jill.I think Rose is the one on the right.I have one of their singles,"Since Yesterday".They were fab.
Just look at these amazing outfits!!They are why I love polkadots!My new shoes were inspired by them-although I didn't realise until I was blogging them yesterday!

Love the bustier,left,and the hair bow & glassses on the right.I was just saying yesterday that I was thinking of trying a hair bow-this pic confirms that I will be!!Oooo,and I want to cake my face in makeup just like them!!

The ribbons,the flowers,the hair laquer!!They made all their own stuff,or customised it!Such clever,inspirational Scots lasses!!!

Wodan's Day comes once a week

I went for some groceries and a wee spot of opshopping this afternoon.I am very tired,as I got up at 3:30am to drive Heidi to the airport.I am not ready for my close-up!!!
Frock-70's,opshopped and shortened
Tights-not sure
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower-a Sydney market

These are the shoes from the first pic,closer.They came in the mail on Friday,and I had to try them straightaway!They are quite different for me-I like shoes with straps,usually.But I adore polkadots(Strawberry Switchblade,anyone?!)and had been after some polkadots shoes for a while.I'm not usually a bow person either,but it seems to work!
Mind you,I am thinking I'd like to try a monster bow instead of a flower.Might make one this weekend,and get your opinion as to whether it suits me or not!!

This was this afternoons loot.The handbags are a fine example of how fecked up/mixed my taste/style is!!70's tooled leather,and a 50's(or is that 60's)number!! Not to mention the navy gloves,most ladylike,and the hot pink crochet wooly cap!!! I love the chocolate brown beret,and the black furry (fake) one is rather cute.The yellow thing is a golden yellow crochet beret,modern,with gold sequins.Similar I think to the black one Disco Goth (daysinthelifeofme) got a while back.Plus a sweet blue tartan purse, a couple of William Morris print tins-no idea what I'll do with them yet-and a late 70's frock.I think I spent $20 all up?There were also some kitchen utensils,which I have thrown into the dishwasher.

O,and a couple of pics from last nights Thai dinner with Heidi.
We had a whole chilli fish,deep fried(I am crazy for chilli),a chicken Panang curry and Choo Chee Plaa.(A dry red curry with fish.)Engorgingly delicious!!!


Heidi came back to town yesterday.This afternoon we drove to Lyttleton,then took the ferry over to Diamond Harbour.Divine day for it!!
We had a wee treat of coffee & chocolate muffin at Godley House,the original homestead house.
Now we are getting ready to go out for Thai-drool!!!
Heidi flies out early tomorrow morning for Brisbane,then on to Thailand,where she will travel around a bit.Bitch! I'll get mine back.Somehow!!

A Small Sample

This is the contents from one (slightly overloaded) of my eleven crates of shoes and boots.Most of these,except the silver ones with the pink ribbons,I wear quite frequently.
G built a shelf for me that holds 7 crates,the other 4 are stacked up beside my big chest of drawers.There is also a pair of Doc's,a pair of tramping boots, a pair of sneakers and a spare pair of black boots that just hang out under my clothes rack.
I love shoes!

A Frock and some Bookaholism

Frock-retail sale, improved by moi
Lime fishnets-no idea! They seem to have just appeared like magic!
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-gift from Justine
Necklace-made by moi out of parts sourced in London and Nevada, and playing nice by being around the wrong way! Boo.

And now-book love!! As inspired by Vix !!

These are my cookbooks,they reside above a cupboard in the kitchen.I also have a pile of smaller ones, plus some cocktail books, and a 70's tome on fondue. I have loads of cut out recipes from magazines stuck into school exercise books,a habit inherited from my mum,who was a great instinctual cook.

These reside under a small table in the lounge. Taschen are ok by me too!!!I must note that books are really expensive here.I buy secondhand or online at Amazon.

The next photo's are an attempt to show the eclectic collection on my bookshelf.Not a huge amount of books-I would love a room dedicated to reading,but alas,the house is not big enough-but quite varied and well loved.

Favourite authors include Lisa St Aubin de Teran,Anais Nin,Jane Austen,Tony Cohan,Thomas Hardy,Tom Robbins,Edith Wharton........

I have a lot of books on astrology,one of my many interests.

I have a lot of books on Frida Kahlo,Marilyn Monroe and Anais Nin too.
Also lots of crafts, interior design and fashion.
I sometimes wonder if I appear a little deranged, as my interests are so incredibly varied!
I will read almost anything; I just need, and love to read. I don't care what genre it is if it is well written.
I particularly like biographys and books on travel, art, history, culture, cooking and religion. My fave thing to do is go to the library and just pick up anyhting that looks interesting from any section. I find that I really like foreign writers, as when translated,the language is so beautiful and precise.
Reading is truly like breathing to me.
My parents,e specially my father, were the same.