The Blue Boots

Hahahaha,G is watching Day 1 of the first test between Australia and; New Zealand (cricket)and there was a streaker!! I love a good streak!!Most amusing!!
So,thought I had better try out these new boots! I feel they would go better with a shorter frock,but it may just be that I am unaccustomed to this style of boot.I usually wear something more streamlined.And look,no makeup!!Nor a flower!That's pretty casual for me.
Frock-Madam Butterfly's.My neighbourhood vintage shop.Nice and jumbly-I love a vintage shop where you struggle to go through the racks.And she is delightfully eccentric.And just around the corner.
Cardi-opshopped in Wellington
Boots-opshopped the other day!!

I'm looking forward to frocking up tonight.I think I'll go all out and girly,as there will be a sea of black,as Vix said,and I will wear pink.....I have a rough's all I can do to not start drinking and getting ready now!!The tribute band is called Sabotage.Fitting.There is a support,called Lunger,whom I know nothing about.Our cousin,Cousin Phil(or Phylicia,I sometimes call him)reckons they are good,so I guess we'll try and turn up early to check them out.I haven't been out in soooo long,;I hope I'm not building it up too much!Generally I am a bit of a nanna,and can rarely stay up till midnight!My party trick is crashing out on someone's couch.(My other party trick,if I'm drunk enough,is a Jabba the Hut impersonation.Ahem.)
O,and I want to thank you all for all the wonderful comments and compliments lately,ladies.You are a lovely bunch,and I really appreciate it!!I have been getting some very good opshop scores recently,but that will end,or become less frequent at least,before too long.I have been off work due to a health issue since the end of January,hence the time for opshopping.Last week I started back,at part time hours,which gives me the afternoons free for shopping,but that'll only be for another week or two,then back to fulltime hours-which means shopping only on weekends or days off.But I have applied for another position within the company,which would entail 4 x 9 hour days and finishing at 11am on Fridays,and I am really hoping to get that.Then I could opshop every Friday-nothing like being a regular.We will see.
But again,your kind words and frequent comments have really buoyed me up during this time!!!
You all ROCK!!!!
Check in tomorrow for photos and details-or foggy memories-of my night out!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Love those boots, Helga dear! Blue is my absolute fave colour and they fit your legs perfectly.
Dressed down? Pah! Not possible.
Have a wonderful night and hope you manage to piss off those gloomy rockers with a splash of pink and a big flower in your hair. Can't wait to see the photos (and the Jabba the Hut impersonation).
Sorry your health hasn't been great, hope it's all clear now. When I worked for a living I negotiated friday off,partly for a hydrotherapy class but mostly to go chazza shopping.

Queenie said...

oh my god those boots are the most gorgeous thing I've seen for a long time, they are beautiful. They look fab with that dress :) xx

Alex said...

Amazing dress Helga and the boots are wonderful too - such a great colour and style.

Enjoy your pink evening :)

Loulou said...

Those boots are so delish! They go really well with the dress.

Enjoy your evening out - rock the pink!

Disco Goth said...

That dress is FABULOUS!
I'm glad your health is on the mend now, hope you still have time for plentiful blogging =) x

Helga said...

Glad you all like the booties!They are actually a teal blue,and very comfy!
Thanks for the well wishes,sweeties!x

CalamityJem said...

Beautiful dress & perfectly styled outfit :)