A Buxom Lass Indeed

This is one of those shots where I just see tits.I try to de-emphasise the girls,but sometimes camera angle plus a not so flattering cardi like this make me appear to be tits on legs.I really like this little cardi,the colour is divine,but I have noticed it can help bring unwanted attention to the ......tits.Tits,bazookas,bosom,chest,funbags(I hate that one),the girls,mamungas,hooters,ad nauseum......It is nice to have something up front-I know some women would kill for them-but I was a little too well endowed for my liking.Thanks Mummy!!!
I really shouldn't complain!Sorry!
We popped into the Botanic gardens this morning with our friends Darryl & Ira.They are getting married next week,in the gardens,in the Band Rotunda,in fact.And G is conducting the ceremony!He isn't a celebrant,but apparently if you do the legals before hand,you can do whatever you want for a ceremony,and this is what they want.A very low key Viking themed affair.(Just kidding,Ira!!)

So here we are,standing in front of the rotunda.

On me:

On G:
Top-a vintage shop in Dunedin,can't remember the name
Pants-Retropolitan(a very funky little shop)
Doc's-opshopped(great score!)


Camelia Crinoline said...

I have the opposite problem being far from well endowed. You both look awesome. I love how your bag and shoes match perfectly.

Vintage Vixen said...

Wow! What a fab looking couple!! (You and G, I mean...cheeky). Big boobs definately have the advantage when it comes to wearing vintage frocks, there's always a bit of extra room knocking about in mine (handy when I need to smuggle booze into a festival).
Love the bandstand pic. I'm a sucker for strolling round parks and posing on bandstands myself.
Have a fun day, speak soon, Helga dearest!
PS Loving the new-look blog!!!!

Disco Goth said...

That is SUCH a sweet pic! I can't believe there's someone else out there who still listens to Fuzzbox =) x

Alex said...

I see a gorgeous handbag, a fabulous frock, a beautiful couple and a super bandstand. Don't fixate on the boobs!

I'm Helga! said...

Thanks Alex,that's what G says!(Mostly cos HE is fixated on them!)
We do make a beautiful couple,don't we!!!LOL!
Thank you for the lovely words,ladies!
And Disco Goth,hell yes I listen to Fuzzbox!!They were so inspirational,style wise...I feel another style inspiration post coming on!!!

Anonymous said...

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