Heidi came back to town yesterday.This afternoon we drove to Lyttleton,then took the ferry over to Diamond Harbour.Divine day for it!!
We had a wee treat of coffee & chocolate muffin at Godley House,the original homestead house.
Now we are getting ready to go out for Thai-drool!!!
Heidi flies out early tomorrow morning for Brisbane,then on to Thailand,where she will travel around a bit.Bitch! I'll get mine back.Somehow!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh soooo jealous of that sunshine and that amazing view. Don't you two look so relaxed and pretty in your floaty frocks and sandals? That'll be me soon....hooray!!!
Hope you had a yummy Thai meal and that Heidi has a great trip.

Alex said...

Oh sheer envy at the blueness of the water and the sky. Jammy Heidi getting to do all that travelling!