Dressing for Dinner

Our mate,Dave,is down from Kaikoura for the week,on a fire brigade course.So we had him over for dinner last night.I had the foresight to cook earlier,so all I had to do was dress up and guzzle some nice Syrah.
Cat-cute a s a button,free from friends.

Cat crushing optional.

Mesh necklace-London 1992.Can't remember where,I think it was an Indian shop.
Top necklace-Lao(Vientiane market) 1996.Or was it 1998?!Not too sure.
Rings-from left,on thumb-gift,then San Cristobal de las Casas(Mexico) 2008,Istanbul 2002?,Kaikoura,opshop.Other hand,can't remember,Sydney,Bangkok 2009,made for me 1995.
Earrings-not very clear in any shot,dammit,from market in Selcuk.(Turkey)
I ended up quite plonked(pissed,trashed,plastered,munted)and watching some great one day cricket between NZ & Australia.Wacko! A evening of celebrating my full drivers licence and Daves impending fatherhood.


Roo Paprika said...

Wow, an amazing collection of jewellery, I love the fact that most of it has been collected on adventures. And belated congratulations on the driving license, it's an unreplicable bit of freedom xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

That frock rocks! I love dressing for dinner and channeling my inner Margot Leadbetter.
Loving the jewellery, too, quite jealous, in fact. Knowing the dates and where you picked those beauts up you sound scarilly like me. Jon reckons I'm the female version of Rain Man.
Every girl needs to get off yer face once in a while!

Disco Goth said...

Ooh, a fantastic piece of 70s glam!
I'm positively drooling at your jewellery, heavy silver jewellery is my favourite!


Helga said...

Yeah,I love that most of my jewellry has a travel story!
O yes,Vix,channelling Margo is one of my fave things to do!!In fact,she is a style icon!!

Alex said...

What a great dress! Where is the lovely hair decoration from?

Helga said...

Thanks,Alex!The hair decoration is made of tulle and was a gift from my lovely friend Justine.