An Education in Delightful Frocks

How simply scrumptious is this pic-the car,the leopard print,just perfect!
I mentioned a few weeks back that I had taken G's mum to see "An Education",and how we loved it.I keep thinking about it,especially with all the accolades the young lass,Carey Mulligan,has been receiving.Such a great story,and the clothes,the hair,the soundtrack!!!Divine!

The frock above is my fave.

I really love the era this was set(1961).The frocks have great prints and shapes,and there is still some splendid full skirts.And I love the big hair that is just starting to happen.
G's mum was not long married in 1961,she was 21,I think,and wearing gorgeous frocks like this!
I am terribly vexed that she didn't save them all for me.Mind you,my mother didn't keep anything either,and she was prancing around from the late 40's......makes my blood boil!!

My biggest fantasy involves a granny becoming enamoured of me,leaving me all her clothing in her will-and she has kept everything from the last 50/60 years!!!
Ah,dream on!!
A lovely promo shot.


Alex said...

I adored the clothes in this film. Some of the things that Rosamund Pike's character wears are truly stunning.

Vintage Vixen said...

Morning Helga, dearest!
I haven't seen this film 'cos our vile, crappy multiplex only shows Hollywood blockbusters and cartoons (to fit in with the average resident's IQ).
I might have to treat myself as it's out on dvd. I love Lynn Barber's journalisn and the clothes, cars and hair look damned fine. I'm in awe of the top pic, the motor and leopard print is a damn hot combo.
Wouldn't it be great to be adopted by a rich old gal with a huge wardrobe? My Mum's always telling me about her original Quant stuff and the trips she took to Biba in the 60's. Sadly her wardrobe is eighties-tastic.

Helga said...

Sweet Vix,definetly treat yourself when it comes out on DVD-I'm gonna!!!
Damn our mothers for not keeping this fab things!!I'm appalled your mother tortures you with Quant and Biba talk!!That's child abuse!!!!