First and Third

Very Autumnal today!Pissing down rain this morning,windy this afternoon,but the sun is coming out and it's gonna be allllllright!!Especially as I bought 5 bottles of wine on the way home.
Found this rather fab bag and boots today.Really digging the naturelle tones on the bag,and the nice solid wooden handle.The boots a 1/2 a size too big,and a bit slouchy-but the colour!!!Such a divine shade of blue!I just had to have them.Can't wait to experiment with them-I just have to get some insoles for them.

Going to be mellow this evening,and I think we will watch "District 9".It looks rather interesting.If it isn't,then it'll be Antiques Roadshow,the best show on tele,as long as it is the English one.The American one is all about the bucks.
Frock-made by me
Handbag-opshopped.It is actually a fab shade of orange.
*How great an album is "Sabotage"?!


Vintage Vixen said...

Helga, what great finds, you lucky thing, you!
Lovin' the pretty outfit too with the autumnal tones...fabulous!
The Antiques Roadshow has to be one of my faves,as is any antique-orientated programme. There's a new series currently running on the Beeb called "Antiques Road Trip" where a pair of experts from the show tour the junk shops of UK in a vintage car, starting with a budget of £200 and have to outdo each other at auction...bliss.
Ps Love The Beastie Boys.

Alex said...

Beautiful bag Helga, you find the very best things!

How I love the Antiques Roadshow.

Miss Peelpants said...

I want both pairs of boots. Particularly those purple ones you're wearing....yum!

prettyneons said...

Hello's I just read your comment,I agree with you, I don't get the big fuss about either of those celebs?
By the by that dress is really pretty, your style is amazing :)
peace & bows...

Loulou said...

Fantastic blue boots, you lucky thing. Do love your dress with the petticoat underneath. You always seem to get such fabulous bargains!

Disco Goth said...

I'm starting to think a black petticoat might be useful to lengthen my too-short skirts a couple of inches. I love the boots you're wearing, you have such pretty things.

Helga said...

I HAVE done very well on the bargain front lately...there's a reason for that!
I haven't had luck with boots thought for ages,so am very happy about the blue ones!
Petticoats rock!x

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Oh I very much like those blue boots!