Grass and Sky

Quite the last gasp of Summer today!My legs have already gone into Winter mode,it seems.You'd think I had white tights on!!But no,just bare legs!
Frock-70's maxi,opshopped and shortened by me.Ahem.I alter most things,but do feel forever guilty afterwards!!But I just didn't wear it when it was long!!
Shoes-Trade Me.(the brand is Shelleys of London)
Jewellry-G and his Mum picked the necklace and earrings out for me when they were in Singapore,on the way to Japan,a few years back.Tres glam!

I found this rather divine 50's coat in the loveliest shade of crimson today.$10NZ-stoked!!
I had just been thinking only yesterday that a pink coat was something I was decidedly lacking.And lo and behold!! Opshop karma!
This is the duvet and a cushion cover I made for Justine's baby.Pretty simple,but pretty.I kept a scrap and trimmed a pink frock with it,that'll turn up sometime soon......
*I had the weirdest dream last night.It was all about Aliens,and people breeding them,and it was scary,and then I was sitting with Clint Eastwood and James Woods outside a scientific facility,and James Woods kept waving a tumescent erection at me.Ick.Then I was driving with him,at a furious pace,to get away from the Aliens,but I'd left my handbag behind where we had been sitting,and we had to go back(of course!)to get it,and it was still there,among a lot of wreckage the Aliens had left behind.
What does this all mean???!!!


Camelia Crinoline said...

Gorgeous coat. I love op shop karma. Don't feel guilty about the dress, it looks great.
Haha you would go back and get your handbag even during an alien invasion.

E said...

Oh I love the colours! Love the little rose finishing touch :)

smashingbird said...

Loving the handbag! Hmmm very interesting dream, maybe you should pitch it to hollywood?! ;)

Alex said...

What a mental dream! Clearly means you love your handbags more than anything else - not that there's anything wrong with that...

Love your hair today, and the pretty flower accessory.

Oh and div (or divvy) is a Scouse word for idiot :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Well of course you had to go could you leave your handbag behind?
You, the hair and Justine's baby quilt are all awesome as per usual and I'm mighty envious of that spectacular coat, it'll really cheer up a crap winter day.

Nefertiti said...

j aime bcp cette tenue,il faut dire que j adore le vert jade ;O)

asiunia said...

Hello, I love the way You put Your colourfull clothes together, and how Your home looks like. I love colours too and thats why I find Your taste so amazing! I wish I had so much courage to weare things like You do :)

Loulou said...

Pink coat is amazing. Don't feel to guilty over altering clothes, they're supposed to be worn, not just hung up and admired (I admit I have yet to take my own advice on this a lot of the time.)

Helga! said...

Yes,indeedy,I am very attached to my handbag.Whichever one I happen to be using at the moment!!!
Thanks Asiunia! And also thanks,I think,Nefertiti!!
You are quite right,Loulou & Camellia.I promise not to feel guilty anymore!!!!
Cheers for the expanation,Alex!!I can now and call people here idiots and they'll never have a clue!!Great for road rage.