Hanging with Heidi!

We met Heidi and her sister Doris in Mexico in 2008.Heidi arrived into Christchurch yesterday evening,and is staying with us for a couple of days before travelling around the South Island for 10 days.She has just spent 6 months travelling through Latin America,stopping at Easter Island and Tahiti on the way to New Zealand.She is from Austria!
We enjoyed Banditos(tequila & kahlua) over dinner last night(feta & artichoke quiche with salad.This photo is for her sister,to show her that she is a loser for not being here too!!!

Today we took her for a little look around town,then a drive over the Port Hills to Lyttleton,where we had lunch.
We have trams!
The Canterbury Plains behind us.

Lyttleton Harbour behind me.
Shoes-Trade Me
Necklace-Heidi got it in Tahiti


Vintage Vixen said...

Wow, how gorgeous does Christchurch look (you too in that amazing ensemble)?
I want to ride on that tram.
I bet Heidi's going to have a wonderful time. Feta and artichoke quiche, yum yum.
Have a fab weekend, Helga dearest.

Loulou said...

YAY for yellow tights! You look fab.
You're totally making me nostalgic, even though I only spend 6 weeks in NZ (based in Rangiora). I'm sure I have a photo with the beautiful plains as a backdrop. How lucky you are living there!
Enjoy your weekend! xx

Alex said...

Oh the view is fantastic. I need to get myself to NZ at some point.

Love the yellow tights!

Disco Goth said...

It's so beautiful there...
the orange, brown and yellow really works, you look fab as usual x

Helga said...

It is divine here-do come and visit,all of you!!We have room!!
We can get drunk and cruise the city on the tram!!!Wee'' go opshopping and be ladies who lunch!!