Happy Hardware Hunting-and a BOW!

I like it when light and colour conspire to make me look far younger than my years......
We popped out this morning for a wee spot of hardware shopping, a common pastime here in NZ on a Sunday. Frocking up for the hardware store is just as important as frocking up for the groceries, I feel.
This cactus has been in this garden for 10 years come October!
So, anyway, on the way to the hardware store, we had to stop briefly at the local mall so I could get a prescription filled. We entered through Farmers, a department store catering to the masses, and upon entering encountered an older-well, probably our age, really-in matching capri pants, who looked aghast at G and I-the sheer nerve of expressing distaste at us, who have more style in our arses than they could ever have in this life or the next!!! The question came up: Where is the unwritten rule that women over 40 have to cut their hair short and start wearing capris and generally looking like men? And, why o why do older couples start dressing like twins?!
 Most perplexing.

Funky beret-vintage, darling, and opshopped
Frock-opshopped and altered
Handbag-also vintage,from a market somewhere, I think
Shoes-Trade Me
Now-I made the bow!!!
Opinions, please!
G thinks I need to make it more stiff. I think it is a little wide. But as it is my first one, I'm not too worried. I just wanted to see if I would like it. And I do, even with the slight charwomanliness it gives me.
I wore it to band practice last night.....

This is the green maxi(polyester heaven)that I got the other week.
I'm posing outside Darryl's house. I'm not really taking the bus. How uncouth!
See, charwoman.
But a little 20's-ish, which is nice. Esp with the coat.
Coat-vintage, gift from Justine
Long vesty thing-made by me, using a 70's pattern as a base
Bow-made by moi!!
So,should I pursue the bow thing?
G got quite excited about the whole hair decoration thing, and suggested dollhouse furniture and birds, among other things as potential decorations. He was, admittedly, quite drunk at the time. But-I think I am quite keen to see just how far I can take this, and just how ridiculous I can get!!!
Stay tuned!


Miss Madeline said...

who doesn't love a giant bow!

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh I'm loving the giant bow, the whole get-up looks very naughty 1940's char-lady which has to be a good thing. The green frock, waistcoat and coat are all fabulous.
That beret is divine(the whole outfit is) and perfect for a trip to the shops.
It's definately an unwritten law to have short hair, cropped pants and Crocs when you pass 40, we're such bad girls for letting the side down.

smashingbird said...

Hi, thanks for the follow, soo glad you enjoyed my Beyond the Valley post. I love your big bow, and the pink dress you look fab!

Lily said...

You are fabulous! Love the outfit. And I agree; I hate it when people think they have reached a certain age and all of a sudden have to dress in the most boring way possible. When my mum turned 50 she went out and bought a whole bunch of horrendous elastic waisted beige safari suits. I was NOT HAPPY!!

haha although... I have to say... you and your husband (although you don't match entirely) definitely have a very similar look!! Fabulous, but similar!

Alex said...

Yes - love the bow!! Definitely make more.

I don't understand the whole grown up dressing thing. Is there some kind of ticking time bomb inside me that will make me want to wear pleated polyester mid-calf skirts and beige twinsets at some dreaded point in the future? God, I hope not.

And I think the first picture is just lovely. You look really beautiful :)

vicen said...

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Disco Goth said...

I think the bow is brilliant and not too wide at all, so glam with the coat. I don't understand the whole changing your style as you age, my tastes haven't changed and I'm pretty sure they never will =) x

Flaming Red said...

i loved the bow too Nettie.

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

That's the Fendarhlton, rarah what school did you go to CHCH thang. I get sick of the matching kathmandu club that I see in my local supermarket. You know like everyones just competed in a triathlon ( they haven't) I get stared at all the time. I got the evils when I walked in with no shoes once, not that I give a hoot. I think you're the shit and always visit your site for a pick me up if not to drool over the frocks.

Helga! said...

Yay,I think I have been won right over with the bow and all your fab comments!!Ooo,a new fad for me to obsess over!!!
Vix,we're bad girls allright.And I LIKE it that way!!!
Y'know,I knew a girl who,when she turned 40,cut her hair,bleached it horribly and began dressing like her mother?It was so weird I haven't talked to her since!!Is that mean?!
I hate the matching Kathmandu clothing thing too,Brian!!! I usually notice that at the pub.
Alez,if you hear ticking-RUN AWAY!!!
I reckon I'm just gonna get more mental as I get older.

daiseedeb said...

Wow! I stumbled upon the first time you wore a bow! How fun to read about you and G's excitement! How odd for me to think you have ALWAYS worn a bow!
So glad you kept it up!